Fantastic vegan restaurant in Kreuzberg.
Daniel in Viasko
A feast free of suffering.
Viasko Buffet
Viasko plate 1
U bahn graffiti
Image scratched away from wall.
Go Forth
Took a random walk through a new part of town.
Walk Gleisdreieck
Walk Buildings Gleisdreieck
Walk under Gleisdreieck
Not sure what this means or why it is in a subway station.
Green Cross kottbusser tor
P and E
Really nice turkish lunch.
Found this behind a random door off the street.  Didn't see a sign of any kind.
Hidden park
Glogauer Building
An unbelievable number of hipsters...
So viel Hipster ist nicht zu fassen
People here know how to enjoy life and make use of the abandoned couch.
Chillin on couch
Hipster picnic
A philosophical walk through the here and now (or there and then to me more exact).
Daniel Hasenheide park
Proof that Berlin is always warm and sunny.
Hasenheide Football