2008-01-24_Ticino - A trip to Tichino -- the southern "Italian" portion of Switzerland.  Mountain walks and our friend Miach's cabin with a wood burning stove at the "Casa Gialla" in Altirolo.
2008-02-20_Berlin_Jason - A visit from my old friend Jason Shiga and a trip he, I and Nina took to Berlin and later the Baltic Sea.
Berlin Jason
2008-02-24_Rigi-David-Tina - Nina's friends Tina and David and their newborn baby Nanoy.  A weekend on Mt. Rigi an snow hike down.
Rigi David Tina
2008-04-12_Zombie_Invasion - A flash mob invasion of Zürich.  Saturday morning shoppers eaten by the undead.
Zombie Invasion
2008-05-25_Golden Balls Award - The surprise premier of Corinne's new film at the Flözer house.
Golden Balls Award
2008-06-17_Jura Hike with Tim and horses - Hiking in the Jura mountains with Tim and Nina.  A short trip across the border to France.
Jura Hike with Tim and horses
2008-08-14_Berlin Summer - 7 beautiful weeks in Kreuzberg, Berlin!
Berlin Summer
2008-08-28_Beelitz Forest Mental Hospital adventure - Exploring abandoned mental hospitals in the forest outside Berlin.
Beelitz Forest Mental Hospital adventure
2008-09-05_Germany-Hamburg - The beginning of our 3-month journey to San Francisco from Switzerland.  First we took a train from Zürich to Hamburg, then began hitchhiking north.
Germany Hamburg
2008-09-07_Denmark - By nightfall, we had hitchhiked our way onto a Danish ferry and continued via train and hitchhiking north.
2008-09-10_Sweden - Entered Sweden at night from Copenhagen and continued going north.
2008-09-13_Norway - Traveling north-west from Oslo across the mountains to Bergen (on the North Sea).
2008-09-15_Faeroe Islands - We took a 3-day ferry from Bergen, Norway to the Faeroe Islands (Føroyar) and then on to Iceland.
Faeroe Islands
2008-10-20_Iceland - 5 weeks in Ísland after arriving by ferry (from Norway).  Volunteering and exploring the stunning natural landscape.
2008-12-03_Canada - Hitchhiking from the far east of Canada (Halifax), up through New Brunswick and over through Québec finally ending up in Montréal for a month.
2008-12-11_New York - Finally made it into the USA and spent week in The City!
New York
2008-12-12_Baltimore - A quick stopover to see what all the fuss is about.  Why are there so many musicians and artists from Baltimore?
2008-12-17_Chicago to San Francisco - 3 days crossing the USA from Washington DC to San Francisco on Amtrak trains.
Chicago to San Francisco