2007-01-05_USA - Back to the U.S.A. after 14 months on in Asia.
2007-03-22_USA_Nina - Nina's visit to California.
USA Nina
2007-06-06_San Francisco - 6 months back in SF:  My great house, friends, family and working at macys.com again.
San Francisco
2007-07-16_Switzerland - A few pics from the 5 weeks I was in Zürich.
2007-07-27_Hungary - The start of my journey through Eastern Europe.  Bought a cheap bike in Budapest and headed towards Istanbul.
2007-07-29_Croatia - Crossing the Hungarian border into Croatia and cycling through Slovonia.
2007-08-08_Serbia - Ignoring the warnings, I made my way into Serbia and cycled through the country for 9 days.
2007-08-17_Bulgaria - Warmer weather met me as I entered Bulgaria (from Serbia) and made my way east for 10 days.
2007-08-18_Greece - A one day detour through Greece after 15 years. As a teenager I had spent a summer on the island of Hydra, but had not returned since.
2007-08-28_Turkey - The beautiful country of Türkiye!  Wonderful people and excitement as I approached the end of my cycling adventure in Istanbul.
2007-09-23_Slovakia - Traveling with Nina to Slovakia - Adventures in the High Tatra mountains and her family roots in Bratislava.
2007-09-26_Austria-Vienna - Back to the comforts of western Europe.  Beautiful cafe's, architecture and romance.
Austria Vienna
2007-10-04_Romania - Nina returns to Switzerland and I round out my survey of the south-east with a trip through Transylvania and on to Bucureşti.
2007-10-13_Arthurs Wedding Geneva - My unofficial step brother's wedding in Geneva!
Arthurs Wedding Geneva
2007-12-27_Switzerland_Winter - November and December in our village of Sünikon (Near Steinmaur on the outskirts of Zürich) and pics from "Zwergenburg".
Switzerland Winter