A map of my travels through Asia.  Includes: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma (Myanmar).
South Eastern Asia
2006-01-22_NationalAssemblyDhaka - Architectural pics of the National Assembly building designed by Louis I. Khan in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
National Assembly Dhaka
2006-01-24_Bangladesh - Photos from my travels around the country of Bangladesh.
2006-04-26_India - 4.5 months traveling in, out and through India (overland).  Includes Sikkim, Calcutta, Varanasi, North India, Mumbai, and various places down south until Kerala on the southern tip.
2006-06-28_Sri_Lanka - 2 months on the island of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).  Volunteering, beaches, jungle and hill country with Nina.
Sri Lanka
2006-08-07_Singapore_Bali_Lombok - Travels from Sri Lanka, east to Malaysia, then south to Singapore and Finally Bali, Indonesia.  Met up with Chloe in Bali and we traveled on to Lombok and Gili Air.
Singapore Bali Lombok
2006-08-11_Bali_Tanah_Lot - Travels through west Bali, Indonesia.
Bali Tanah Lot
2006-08-28_Java - The Indonesian Island of Java. Bike parade, magical volcanoes, temples, street art and much more!
2006-09-08_Sumatra - The Indonesian island of Sumatra.  A crusty voyage from Jakarta to Padang, Lake Toba, motorbikes, exotic flowers and fun in Medan.
2006-09-20_Penang_Bangkok - Back to the mainland of Southeast Asia.  Travels up through Malaysia and into Thailand and adventures in Bangkok!
Penang Bangkok
2006-11-04_Myanmar-Burma - 5 weeks traveling south to north through Myanmar.
Myanmar Burma
2006-11-29_Switzerland - Back to the Western World: 3 weeks in Zürich, Switzerland.