2004-01-04_Lisbon - 7 months in the Barrio Alto Neighborhood of Lisboa.
2004-03-21_JP-Michaele - Johann and Michaele in Lisboa.
JP Michaele
2004-04-12_Setubal_Troia - Beach.
Setubal Troia
2004-04-15_Absinthe - 150 year old recipe -- 150 proof moonshine with imported Dutch wormwood.
2004-05-02_Sheila_and_Win - Sheila, Windsor visit Lisbon.
Sheila and Win
2004-05-16_Lagos - Beaches of the south.
2004-06-07_Porto - A trip up to the birthplace of Port Wine.
2004-06-12_Santa_Catarina - A favorite hangout in Lisboa.
Santa Catarina
2004-07-20_Misc_Lisbon - Photos of the beautiful apartment and other goodies :)
Misc Lisbon