Carls Jr.gifCarcass Jr. - 1998
This was a sticker parody of the "happy star" icon used by Carl's Jr., an American fast food chain. Meant to question the happy, innocent, fast-food industry. Is mass-consumption of chemically treated, hormone injected grade-D beef a good thing?
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Credit Cards.gifMaster Card, Visa and American Express - 1998
A parody of the credit card acceptance stickers displayed in many shop windows. I carefully constructed images which reproduce the form and colors of three major credit card company logos, but changed the names to more accurately portray the role these institutions play in peoples lives.
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Foot Licker.gifFootlicker - 1999
A simple parody of the Footlocker shoe store logo.
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Hilfiger.gifTommy Hilfiger - 1998
A sticker parody of the Tommy Hilfiger clothing label. Articulates the messages of conformity and illusions of self assertion through consumerism which the company uses to sell its clothes.
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KFC.gifKentucky Fried Chicken - 2000
A parody of the KFC logo meant to stimulate thought on the mythology of the company and the quality of the "food" they offer to their mainly lower-class, minority patrons.
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Pee Pee.gifPepsi parody - 1997
A sticker parody which attempts to subvert the soft drink company's image. It replaces the slick, sophisticated, thirst-quenching promise with a simple, childish play on words. It hopefully leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
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Produce Stickers.gifBonita=Toxica, Dole=Detox, Die, etc. - 1998
A bombardment of the existing fruit empire with a carefully constructed arsenal of shocking images, subtle parodies and hard hitting facts. Chaos will ensue as the institutions of manufactured fruit crumble and from their ashes will emerge the righteous proponents of organic farming. The square tomatoes and sticky waxed apples will be a thing of the past, and we will once again bask in the bounty of the land.
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Shop Til lThey Drop.gifParody of pro-consumption propaganda - 2001
A reaction to a widespread propaganda campaign distributing posters that said "America: Open for business". I felt someone should comment on the blatant link being made between consumerism and patriotism in the posters. My parody is a play on the phrase "Shop 'Till You Drop" often used by American's. I took that phrase and tried to use it to bring awareness to blind faith in consumption and commercialism in the USA, even when faced with the threat of war we retreat to these ideals.
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X Files.jpg"The truth is out there" - 1997
Parody of the opening credits for the television show The X Files. Makes fun of the shows "search for truth" theme by pointing out that watching television is not likely to help one find answers to the questions in their lives.
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BLNY.jpgDKNY - Parody of DKNY - 2001
"Donna Karen New York" - A reaction to the confusion, scapegoating, numbness and fear that resulted from the 9/11/2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. Mimics the signature black/white/red stark style of DKNY advertisements.
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