Nina-Dad.jpgNina and dad on a walk to the Türlersee (Türler Lake) near our home. 132 KB  
Jonathan-Dad.jpg 140 KB  
Tulersee.jpgMy dad is taking a picture of some kind of UFO in the top-left. 226 KB  
Luzern-Nina-Dad.jpgWe took a day trip to Luzern. Had a nice lunch that took so long we never made it up the Pilatus mountain as we had planned. 229 KB  
Luzern.jpg 184 KB  
Luzern-Jonathan-Dad.jpgLake of Luzern. 211 KB  
Luzern-Pilates.jpgPilatus mountain. 121 KB  
Jonathan-John-Nina-Eric.jpgThe fathers got to meet each other. 104 KB