Norway_Breakfast.jpgEating breakfast at Zea and Marius' place in Evenstad, Norway. 183 KB  
Norway_Moose.jpgMoose at the university. 190 KB  
Norway_Moose.jpg 292 KB  
Norway_Hike.jpgZea, Nina, Marius and his sweet hunting dog. 250 KB  
Norway_Hike.jpg 170 KB  
Norway_Sweetie-Moss.jpgThere was moss and blueberries everywhere! 159 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping_Nina_Zea.jpgWe went camping for a night in a magical location where Cloudberries (Molte) grow. 233 KB  
Norway_Cloudberries.jpgWe picked several kilograms. I liked them, but it seems many people don't as they have a pungent flavor maybe similar to papaya? 139 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping_Jonathan_Zea_Nina.jpg 148 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping_Sunset.jpg 109 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping_Sunset.jpg 115 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping_Sunset.jpg 248 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping_Sunset.jpg 225 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping_Sunset.jpgNina and Zea picking cloudberries. 103 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping.jpgThis is an unripe berry. They start out red and turn more pale orange when ripe. 100 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping.jpg 320 KB  
Norway_Cloudberry_Camping.jpg 89 KB  
Norway_Jutulhogget_Hedmark_Canyon.jpgDramatic canyon called Jutulhogget said to have been cerated by a troll. We camped near here in a Blueberry patch the second night. 203 KB  
Vegan Lunch on Train in Sweden.jpgYes, we even found vegan mozzarella! 52 KB  
Denmark_Nina_ship.jpgUnexpected ship in Denmark due to a change in train schedules. 91 KB  
Hamburg-Germany_anticapitalista.jpgStopped by Hamburg, Germany to check out fair-trade gold rings. 74 KB  
Berlin-Germany.jpgVegan tofu scramble at Cafe V. 113 KB  
Berlin-Germany_Canal.jpg 164 KB  
Berlin-Germany_Desinfektionsanstalt.jpgThis was one of the early institutions which began sterilizing bedding, medical instruments, etc. when it was discovered how disease was spread. 216 KB  
Berlin-Germany_Miroux.jpgStreet art. 90 KB  
Berlin-Germany_Stop_Control.jpgStreet art. 149 KB  
Berlin-Germany_Asylum_Snowden.jpgStreet art for Edward Snowden. 96 KB  
Berlin-Germany_Vegan_Cake_Espresso.jpg 55 KB  
Berlin-Germany_Emmauskirche_Fernsehturm.jpgView from my AirBnB window. 81 KB  
Berlin-Germany_Emmauskirche_Fernsehturm.jpgView from my AirBnB window. 67 KB  
Berlin-Germany_Görlitzer_Park_Sunset.jpgView from my AirBnB window. 70 KB  
Munich-Germany_Nina_Blond.jpgNina bleached her hair before dyeing it pink. 78 KB