Zurich_Train.jpgLeaving Zürich on the night train to Amsterdam. 95 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM.jpgOur couchsurfing host Jevgenij took us out to this art island called NDSM. This is a submarine that has been visited by graffiti artists there. It's just a short free boat ride from Amsterdam main station. 73 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Anastasija.jpgI (left), and Anastasija (right) posing with a random guy as his friend took pictures. 79 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM.jpgGraffiti on rust. 61 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Jevgenij-Nina-Apples.jpgNina and our host picking apples. 128 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Graffiti.jpg 77 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Graffiti.jpgHuge crane used when ships were built here. Now it's a hotel / bungee-jumping platform. 70 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Graffiti.jpg 111 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM.jpgShip of fools. Some kind of ac 68 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Graffiti.jpg 99 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Graffiti.jpg 92 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Graffiti_Burt_Ernie.jpg 221 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Barbie-Peep-Show.jpgInside this old ship-building hanger artists now have work spaces. This is just a random installation: you drop in a coin, then a small window opens, music plays as lights flash and barbie dolls are seen spinning around. 77 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Anastasija and Jevgenij.jpg 81 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Anastasija and Nina.jpg 65 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Anastasija.jpg 101 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Make_Art_not_Euros.jpg 120 KB  
Amsterdam.jpgNight walking around Amsterdam. 65 KB  
Amsterdam_Bubbles.jpgOur hosts went to Dam Square to blow bubbles for tourists. 69 KB  
Amsterdam_Bubbles.jpgWe didn't know this guy, but he was really serious about blowing bubbles, LOTS of bubbles. 62 KB  
Amsterdam_Bubbles_Nina_Anastasija.jpgPhoto series of beautiful women and bubbles. 200 KB  
Amsterdam_Bubbles.jpg 81 KB  
Amsterdam_Bubbles.jpgAnastasija and Jevgenij. 91 KB  
Amsterdam_Bubbles.jpgNina was a natural at this bubble thing. 105 KB  
Amsterdam_Bubbles_Nina_Jevgenij.jpg 94 KB  
Amsterdam_Consumerism.jpgLife as art. 92 KB  
Amsterdam_Ships.jpgThere was a large ship parade called "SAIL Amsterdam" on August 19, 2015. This particular ship was from Portugal. 149 KB  
Amsterdam_Eating.jpg 92 KB  
Amsterdam_Boats.jpg 82 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Fair.jpgWent up in a swinging ferris wheel overlooking Amsterdam. 97 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Fair_Nina.jpg 60 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Fair.jpg 92 KB  
Amsterdam_NDSM_Fair_Nina_Legs.jpg 79 KB