Palomino-Mural.jpgWhen we first arrived, our friends brought us to the small coastal town of Palomino. There is an interesting mix of hippies, travelers and native Kogi people from the surrounding Sierra Nevada. 184 KB  
Sierra-Nevada.jpgWe took of for a 4 day hiking trip in the mountains. The kids were on a Donkey, adults hiked and a horse helped with pots, food and hammocks. 137 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Tree.jpgBeautiful huge trees not far out of town. 138 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Carlo.jpgA swiss guy who was also visiting Tina and Rafa in Colombia. 161 KB  
Sierra-Nevada.jpg 77 KB  
Sierra-Nevada.jpg 97 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Jungle.jpg 97 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-River.jpg 102 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Cooking.jpg 132 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Chamaco.jpg 77 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Hiking.jpg 191 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Waterfall.jpg 186 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Swing.jpg 147 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Nanoy-Luan.jpg 96 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Village.jpg 160 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Tina-Rafa.jpg 112 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Leaf-Cutter-Ants.jpg 105 KB  
Sierra-Nevada-Group.jpg 138 KB  
Palomino-Beach-Cooks.jpg 81 KB  
Palomino-Campground-Family.jpg 134 KB  
Los-Angeles.jpgA stunningly clean and tranquil spot on the coast between Palomino and Santa Marta. 153 KB  
Los-Angeles-Nina-JC.jpg 100 KB  
Goloka-Eco-Village-Nicholas.jpgWe met the local Krishna followers while looking for vegetarian food and were invited to this remote Eco-Village as volunteers. 92 KB  
Goloka-Eco-Village-Padma.jpgOne of the two kirisha followers keeping Goloka running. He was a great cook! 83 KB  
Goloka-Eco-Village-Krishna-Temple.jpgEach morning at 3:30 the chanting and bells would begin, all food was offered to Krishna before eating. 149 KB  
Goloka-Eco-Village-Flower.jpg 57 KB  
Goloka-Eco-Village-River.jpgI came down with Dengue fever while at Goloka. I spent a week just laying in the hammock and stumbling to this river to cool off. 138 KB  
Goloka-Eco-Village-River-Insect.jpgIn my misery, I was delighted that there was always one of of these insects waiting for me at the river in the same spot... 76 KB  
Cartagena-Jonathan-Tinto.jpgAfter returning to Civilization, blood tests and some magical herbal remedies, I was doing a lot better and we finally went on to Cartagena. Here I am looking like I'm in L.A. as I sip my "Tinto" (coffee). 104 KB  
Cartagena-Nina.jpg 89 KB  
Cartagena-Nina.jpg 49 KB  
Cartagena.jpg 109 KB  
Cienaga-La-Caimanera_Bird.jpgFrom Cartagena, we continued west to Tolu, then slept on the beach for a night. We then went south (inland) and stopped at this spot which used to have alligators. 119 KB  
Mud-Dirty-Blonde.jpg 132 KB  
Mud-Nina-Skeptical.jpg 68 KB  
Mud-Nina.jpgVolcanic mud pit to swim in. 41 KB  
Jonathan-Nina-Yellow-Flowers.jpg 103 KB  
Medellin-Graffiti.jpgOne of our favorite cities in Colombia. Street art / culture, trees, great places to walk, nice buildings, etc. 121 KB  
Medellin-Graffiti.jpg 177 KB  
Medellin_Park_Nina.jpg 99 KB  
Medellin-Garden.jpg 174 KB  
Medellin-Butterfly.jpg 75 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour_Coffee Cherries.jpgZona Cafetera - finally got to learn more about how coffee is made. 67 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour_Stages.jpg 74 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour.jpg 92 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour.jpg 87 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour.jpg 76 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour_Roasting.jpg 80 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour_Roasted.jpg 116 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour_Grinding.jpg 52 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour_Ground.jpg 107 KB  
Salento-Coffee-Tour_Pouring.jpgI love coffee... it was especially tasty. 58 KB  
Salento-waterfall.jpgA dog on the coffee plantation took us on a 2 hour journey to go see a waterfall. We went though this huge cave-tunnel along the way. 107 KB  
Salento-waterfall.jpg 119 KB  
Valle-de-Cocora_Ring-Tailed-Coati.jpgWe went camping in the Valle de Cocora and met this super sweet animal at a rest stop along the way. 108 KB  
Valle-de-Cocora_Hummingbird.jpg 59 KB  
Valle-de-Cocora_Hummingbird.jpg 69 KB  
Valle-de-Cocora_JC_Jungle.jpg 196 KB  
Valle-de-Cocora_Camping.jpg 90 KB  
Valle-de-Cocora.jpg 165 KB  
Valle-de-Cocora.jpg 66 KB  
Valle-de-Cocora.jpg 78 KB  
Valle-de-Cocora.jpg 89 KB  
Finca.jpgOur friend's farm a few hours from Bogota. 159 KB  
Finca_Luan.jpg 150 KB  
Finca_Horse.jpg 95 KB  
Finca_Nanoy-Luan.jpg 131 KB  
Finca_Horse-Baby.jpgA new baby horse born while we were visiting. 81 KB  
Finca.jpg 120 KB  
Finca_Tina_Horses_Dogs.jpg 166 KB  
Finca_Nanoy_Horse.jpg 138 KB  
Finca_Dog_Tongue.jpg 64 KB  
Finca_Dog.jpg 79 KB  
Finca_Sunset.jpg 115 KB  
Finca_Kids_Nina_Dog.jpg 134 KB  
Finca_Family.jpg 129 KB  
Amazon_Leticia.jpgWe decided at the last minute that we could not pass up a chance to go to the Amazon. So we got a flight to Leticia in the far southern tip of Colombia (there are no roads connecting it to the rest of the country). We arrived in the wettest "wet season" in many years and the river was 30KM wide in some places. 152 KB  
Amazon_Boat.jpgPaddling up the "road" to where we stayed in the jungle. 178 KB  
Amazon_Jungle_Stick.jpgOne of several "stick insects" we came across. The insects were the most fascinating part of the jungle for me. 88 KB  
Amazon_Jungle_Mushroom.jpg 143 KB  
Amazon_Frog.jpgThe animals looked like plants and the plants more and more like animals... 130 KB  
Amazon_Jungle_Termite_Nest.jpg 128 KB  
Amazon_Stick.jpg 74 KB  
Amazon_Centipede.jpgThese look scary, but are not dangerous. 75 KB  
Amazon_Jungle_Mushroom.jpg 108 KB  
Amazon_Jungle_Mushroom.jpg 114 KB  
Amazon_Boa.jpgNina almost stepped on this baby Boa constrictor snake one night. 135 KB  
Amazon_Flower.jpg 74 KB  
Amazon_Cinchona_Tree_Quinine.jpgThis is where Quinine, the "Tonic" in "Tonic water" comes from. Native people still use it in tea to prevent Malaria. 52 KB  
Amazon_Red_Tree.jpg 178 KB  
Amazon_Big-Snail.jpg 57 KB  
Amazon_Vines.jpg 125 KB  
Amazon_Spider.jpg 101 KB  
Amazon_Puerto_Nariño_Parrot_Sunset.jpgA really casual but fun guest house we stayed at after the jungle trip. 54 KB  
Amazon_Puerto_Nariño_JC_Squirrel_Monkey.jpgSquirrel Monkeys everywhere! They were so sweet and fun. 114 KB  
Amazon_Puerto_Nariño_Nina_Squirrel_Monkey.jpg 108 KB  
Amazon_Puerto_Nariño_Kitten_Squirrel_Monkey.jpgKitten being hugged by a Squirrel Monkey! 104 KB  
Amazon_Puerto_Nariño_Parrot.jpgMost of the parrots were friendly, but one liked to scare Nina (and all women for that matter). 55 KB  
Amazon_Puerto_Nariño_Squirrel_Monkeys.jpg 114 KB  
Amazon_Puerto_Nariño_Squirrel_Monkey_Hammock.jpg 96 KB  
Amazon_Puerto_Nariño_Squirrel_Monkeys.jpg 57 KB  
Amazon.jpgPhoto of the Amazon river from airplane ©Nina 2015. 46 KB  
Granadilla_Fruit.jpgIts related to passion fruit... one of the many new fruits which are common in Colombia. I loved these! 33 KB  
Bogota.jpgLast days in the capital before flying back. 59 KB