train-zurich-paris.jpgIbi asleep on the train. 39 KB  
train-arrival-paris.jpgGetting off the train. 79 KB  
paris-metro.jpgIbi eats some water. 65 KB  
paris-metro-jonathan.jpgJonathan trying to read the french sign. 65 KB  
paris-ibrahim-cctv.jpgEvading big brother. 66 KB  
paris-metro-sign.jpg 122 KB  
london-victoria.jpgAlley behind my hotel. 105 KB  
london-blood.jpgI came across some drops of blood on the sidewalk on my way to work. I followed the drops for ~5 meters and came to this puddle. No one seemed to notice it, one man was practically standing in it while he wrote and SMS. 139 KB  
london-chocolate.jpg1 minute walk from the blood. 67 KB  
london-thames-factory.jpgA dark, lonely walk one evening. 83 KB  
london-good-for-the-soul.jpgGarlic? 64 KB  
london-train-yard.jpg 66 KB  
london-anti-social.jpgUpdate your facebook status or face the consequences! 51 KB  
london-stalactites-of-scum.jpg 83 KB  
london-this-button-not-in-use.jpgA useful button. 57 KB  
london-bricklane-occupy.jpgRoof art. 107 KB  
london-bricklane-pink-bird.jpgStreet art. 156 KB  
london-bricklane-sign-bangla.jpgEnjoyed walking around this area, hanging out with Asim and others. 163 KB  
london-bricklane-graffiti.jpgStreet art. 159 KB  
london-bricklane-lunch-fullstop.jpgVegan lunch at Full Stop cafe on Brick Lane. 118 KB  
london-bricklane-painting.jpgStreet art. 69 KB  
london-hotel-dungeon.jpgMy hotel room the last night. Staff referred to it as “The Dungeon”. 59 KB  
wales-sign.jpgOn arrival in Holyhead, Wales, I was struck for the the first time by the realization that Welsh is really different than English! 49 KB  
wales-ibi-cant-read.jpg 116 KB  
wales-holyhead-clifton-house.jpgTook a short walk around Holyhead. 84 KB  
wales-dublin-ferry-casino.jpgInternet casino fantasy. 195 KB