Saranda-Nina.jpgAfter 1 week in Corfu, Greece, Nina and I took a Hydrofoil to Albania (Shqipëria in Albanian). We arrived in Sarandë in the evening and had a great meal at this restaurant on the water. Was the first and last time we found baked eggplant in Albania. 78 KB  
Furgon To Dhermi.jpgWe caught this mini-bus to Dhërmi, then walked a couple kilometers down to the beach at the north end. 109 KB  
Dhermi Street work.jpgContrasts... beautiful clear water and beaches, but heavily under construction. 102 KB  
Ice Cream Status Scandal.jpg 152 KB  
Llogara National Park-Flower.jpgWe spent a night in the national park and took a short hike. 57 KB  
Llogara National Park-Nina.jpg 204 KB  
Llogara National Park-Jonathan Nina.jpg 132 KB  
Llogara National Park-Caterpillar.jpg 67 KB  
Llogara National Park-Sheep Road.jpg 162 KB  
Bus to Berat.jpg 73 KB  
Bus to Berat.jpg 103 KB  
Berat-House.jpgHistorical town of Berat - a UNESCO world heritage site. 145 KB  
Berat-Nina.jpg 202 KB  
Berat-alley.jpg 136 KB  
Berat-Shadow.jpg 140 KB  
Berat-Olives.jpgView from the castle. 138 KB  
Berat-Castle.jpg 125 KB  
Berat-Mountains.jpg 142 KB  
Berat-Mountains.jpg 103 KB  
Berat-Nina.jpg 123 KB  
Tirana-Arrows.jpgArrival in the capital of Albania - Tiranë. We had met a lawyer on the bus that gave us a ride to our hotel from the bus stop. 114 KB  
Tirana-Kids Sunset.jpg 94 KB  
Tirana-Pyramid.jpgThe local kids walk all the way up and slide down. We only went about 1/3 of the way - was a bit slippery white tiles and lots of broken glass on parts. 121 KB  
Tirana-Nina Lenin.jpgFound this depot of old communist statues near our hotel. 113 KB  
Tirana-Nina Skanderbeg.jpgCity center. 66 KB  
Tirana-Boys.jpg 110 KB  
Tirana-Nina Sun.jpg 73 KB  
Tirana-Buildings.jpg 105 KB  
Tirana-Building.jpg 98 KB  
Tirana-Radio bar.jpgFancy bar we went to to try to meet other travelers. Didn't work out, but was nice bar. 118 KB  
Tirana-City.jpg 125 KB  
Tirana-Fruit stand.jpg 135 KB  
Tirana-Google.jpg 116 KB  
Tirana-Horse.jpgHorse + duster = Rainbow Unicorn! 109 KB  
Tirana-Tourist Trap.jpgThere were huge holes in the sidewalks everywhere... some deep enough to fall completely into. We started calling these “Tourist Traps”. 113 KB  
Tirana-Graffiti.jpg 184 KB  
Tirana-Haircut.jpg 117 KB  
Tirana Nina Train.jpgWe took the train from Tirana to Durres for fun. Quite cheap (half a euro) and unique experience :-) 90 KB  
Tirana Train Graffiti.jpg 99 KB  
Train to Durres.jpg 61 KB  
Conductor.jpg 57 KB  
Durres water.jpg 123 KB