Italy-Bologna-Nina.jpgBecause of a rockslide on the train tracks down to Italy, we had to take a large detour including a bus and several extra trains. Ended up going through Bologna unexpectedly and took a walk in the park. 62 KB  
Italy-Ancona-Ferry to Greece.jpgAfter couch surfing in Ancona, we had a nice walk through the city and caught our overnight ferry to Igoumenitsa, Greece. From Igoumenitsa, we had a short ferry to Corfu. 74 KB  
Ferry to Greece-Jonathan.jpg 81 KB  
Corfu-Restaurant.jpgFrom Kerkyra port, Corfu, we took the Green line bus towards Agios Stefanos and walked the last 1 km to Arillas. We rented a scooter one day and found a restaurant with the most amazing view ever. 74 KB  
Islands.jpgView from our table. 107 KB  
Corfu-Restaurant.jpg 91 KB  
Corfu-Restaurant-salad.jpgParticularly nice Salad. 99 KB  
Double Bay.jpgTook a hike down to this double bay (Porto Timoni) -- we were the only people there. 180 KB  
Sam-Nora.jpgFriends. 101 KB  
Nora-Sam-Nina.jpg 148 KB  
Nora-Nina.jpg 100 KB  
Sam Nina Tamira Mark.jpgFriends. 150 KB  
Nina Sam Sunset.jpg 86 KB  
Sunset.jpg 102 KB  
Drinks last night.jpg 140 KB  
Kerkyra.jpg 106 KB  
Kerkyra.jpg 86 KB  
Kerkyra.jpg 63 KB  
Kerkyra.jpg 120 KB  
Kerkyra stencil.jpg 84 KB  
Kerkyra.jpg 73 KB  
Kerkyra.jpg 76 KB  
Kerkyra.jpg 67 KB