Szczecin_Daniel-Nina.jpgTram in Szczecin on the German border. We were on our way to a vegan restaurant called Amar. 85 KB  
Szczecin_Collapsed-City.jpg 80 KB  
Szczecin.jpg 83 KB  
Daniel-Mielno-Koszalin.jpg 59 KB  
Train-Mielno-Koszalin.jpg 78 KB  
Hail-Storm-Koszalin.jpg 85 KB  
Gdansk.jpg 75 KB  
Gdansk.jpg 39 KB  
Gdansk_Nina-Cafe.jpg 80 KB  
Gdansk_Elephant.jpgStencil on the wall. 78 KB  
Gdansk-Push-It.jpg 82 KB  
Gdansk-BIG-BAR.jpg 76 KB  
Gdansk-Abandoned.jpg 59 KB  
Gdansk_Ship-Yard.jpg 71 KB  
Gdansk_Ship-Yard.jpg 87 KB  
Gdansk_Tired of waiting for something new, for things to get better.For a sign.jpgStencil on the wall. 62 KB  
Gdansk_Painting in Hotel.jpgSubtle... 82 KB  
Gdynia_Grill_Bill.jpgAnother way to kill bill. 62 KB  
Gdynia_Bio_Bakery.jpgBio Vegan pastries! 81 KB  
Łeba_Carnival.jpgI really like the way this one came out. 94 KB  
Łeba_Viking_Ship.jpg 61 KB  
Słowiński_National_Park_Nina_Daniel.jpg 104 KB  
Słowiński_National_Park_Mushroom.jpg 86 KB  
My-Friend.jpg 72 KB  
Słowiński_National_Park_Dunes.jpg 58 KB