Milano Train Station1.jpgChanging trains in Milano. 92 KB  
Milano Tram.jpgI recognized these trams immediately -- the same orange cars now operate on the F-Market line in San Francisco! 107 KB  
Venice Gondola Family.jpgOne of my favorite photos from Venice of a man and two women cruising down a canal. 80 KB  
Venice Jonathan.jpgMe :-) 95 KB  
Venice Canal.jpgIts a cliché, but the light of this city was just magical - what a perfect place to learn more about photography! 82 KB  
Venice.jpg 96 KB  
Venice Virgin.jpg 113 KB  
Venice Fruit Boat mother and kiid.jpg 91 KB  
Venice Roof Gardens.jpg 102 KB  
Venice.jpg 138 KB  
Venice.jpg 148 KB  
Venice Women at cafe.jpg 131 KB  
Venice Nina Eyes.jpg 47 KB  
Venice Jonathan.jpg 61 KB  
Venice Rialto Bridge.jpg 83 KB  
Venice Rialto Bridge.jpg 92 KB  
Venice.jpg 101 KB  
Venice Gondola.jpg 118 KB  
Venice Clothes Canal.jpg 122 KB  
Venice.jpg 110 KB  
Venice.jpg 95 KB  
Venice Glowing Alley.jpg 80 KB  
Venice Bar.jpg 98 KB  
Venice.jpg 91 KB  
Venice Door.jpg 140 KB  
Venice.jpg 99 KB  
Venice Nina by the water.jpg 112 KB  
Venice Spritz Jonathan Nina.jpg 87 KB  
Venice Santa Maria della Salute.jpg 72 KB  
Venice Pidgens in Love.jpg 93 KB  
Venice Nina.jpg 111 KB  
Venice Red Dress.jpgOops... thats not Nina... 73 KB  
Venice Family Gondola.jpg 102 KB  
Venice Bridge Sunset.jpg 83 KB  
Venice Man and Girl reading.jpg 131 KB  
Venice Piazza San Marco.jpg 91 KB  
Verona Taxi driver.jpgA Taxi Driver at the train station. 69 KB  
Verona Couch Surfing.jpgWe couch-surfed with Maria and Giuseppe in Verona. 68 KB  
Verona Sculpture.jpg 125 KB  
Verona Shadow.jpg 64 KB  
Verona Romanic Locks.jpgLocks for lovers. 61 KB  
Verona.jpg 134 KB  
Verona Stone Lizard.jpg 95 KB  
Verona.jpg 84 KB  
Verona Adventure Painter.jpg 82 KB  
Verona Market.jpg 164 KB  
Verona-Nina-and-JC.jpg 160 KB