Times Square Nina.jpgNina in the heart of New York city. 77 KB  
Empire State Building.jpg 79 KB  
Midtown Manhattan.jpg 58 KB  
Midtown Manhattan.jpg 79 KB  
church.jpg 64 KB  
Wall Street.jpg 77 KB  
Wall Street.jpg 63 KB  
Wall Street Nina.jpg 74 KB  
Midtown Manhattan.jpg 58 KB  
Midtown Manhattan.jpg 93 KB  
Flatiron Building Nina.jpg 64 KB  
24 hour coffee shop.jpg 84 KB  
Kenric and Shanna Guitars.jpgNina and I stayed with my old friend form college -- Kenric McDowell and his fiance Shanna. They are in a band called Guitars and we were lucky enough to see them play at this tiki bar. 97 KB  
Subway Brooklyn.jpg 80 KB  
Subway Bleeker.jpg 57 KB  
Subway Advertising.jpg 72 KB  
Subway Advertising.jpg 78 KB  
Subway Couple.jpg 97 KB  
Lower Eastside Pianos.jpg 59 KB  
Astor Place Mud Truck.jpgMy favorite coffee truck in New York! Just a few minutes from where I once lived in the East Village. 60 KB  
3rd Avenue Big Brother.jpg 60 KB  
Christmas Sticky Notes.jpg 55 KB  
Mud Truck Cafe.jpgfound out my favorite coffee truck has its own cafe! 63 KB  
Broadway.jpg 62 KB  
Buildings.jpg 95 KB  
Rockefeler Center Christmas Tree.jpg 85 KB