Halifax Adams Sauna.jpgOur first night couch-surfing in Halifax Canada our great host invited us to share a crowded sauna under the moonlit night. 91 KB  
Halifax Nina in Adams house.jpg 58 KB  
Fall River Nina Hitchhike.jpgTook for ever to get a ride. Finally after dark, a mother and daughter picked us up and bought us a hotel room for the night! Such random acts of generosity kept us going despite the cold! 61 KB  
Trucker.jpgOne of several friendly truck drivers that helped us get across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 70 KB  
Camping at Boston Pizza.jpgwere give permission to camp in this lot in front of Boston Pizza. Friendly, but fearful people. 48 KB  
Campbellton Hitchhike.jpg 77 KB  
Quebec Chateau Frontenac.jpg 49 KB  
Quebec.jpg 50 KB  
Quebec.jpg 32 KB  
Quebec Pacman Pedestrian.jpg 62 KB  
Quebec Reclaim the Streets.jpg 82 KB  
Quebec.jpg 50 KB  
Quebec.jpg 15 KB  
Quebec.jpg 15 KB  
Quebec.jpg 48 KB  
Quebec Old Town.jpg 73 KB  
Quebec Old Town.jpg 91 KB  
Quebec Ice Skating.jpgMy first time ice skating outdoors like this! 53 KB  
Montreal.jpg 92 KB  
Montreal.jpg 88 KB  
Mont Royal Nina and Pierre.jpgA friend of Nina's from her Mongolian horseback adventure. 70 KB  
Mont Royal Nina and Jonathan.jpg 90 KB  
Mont Royal.jpg 91 KB  
Montreal Downtown.jpg 77 KB  
Montreal Bakery.jpg 91 KB  
Montreal Squirrel.jpgHe ran all over, but could not find a place to hide his bread roll. 88 KB  
Montreal 80s Party.jpgOur second night in Montreal we ended up at this crazy party with our awesome hosts! 66 KB  
Montreal Tibo and Mathieu.jpgOur hosts in Montreal, Canada -- old friends form France and travels around the world. 66 KB  
Montreal Tibo, Mathieu and Julie.jpgThe great household we surfed for our first 8 days in Montreal. 58 KB  
Montreal Julie and Twelve.jpgThe cult of 12. 61 KB  
Montreal Hutchinson St.jpgA photo from our 3-week sublet near Mont Royal. 91 KB  
Montreal Party.jpgOur last night we had a party and got to invite our new friends from Montreal. 49 KB