Smyril Line Ship.jpgOur ferry stopped in the Faeroe Islands for the first half of the day and we had a chance to explore much of the capitol. 67 KB  
Lighthouse.jpg 59 KB  
At Sea.jpg 48 KB  
At Sea.jpg 53 KB  
Oil Rigs.jpg 63 KB  
Streets.jpg 61 KB  
Grass-covered roof houses.jpg 74 KB  
church.jpg 52 KB  
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Nostre Damus Graffiti.jpg 70 KB  
Swan.jpg 73 KB  
Sunrise.jpg 23 KB  
Elf House.jpg 78 KB  
Island Pyramid.jpg 47 KB  
Jonathan and Nina.jpg 46 KB  
Nina.jpg 61 KB  
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Islands.jpg 32 KB  
Islands.jpg 50 KB  
Island Houses.jpg 77 KB  
Island waterfall.jpg 42 KB  
Vegan lunch.jpgWe ate like kings and Queens because we brought lots of curries, rice and fresh veggies onto the ship. 67 KB