Ferry from Copenhagen into Sweden.jpgTo get out of Copenhagen, we took a cheap train / ferry up to Angelholm, Sweden. 73 KB  
Angelholm Sign.jpgA weird sign we saw upon arrival. Could not tell what was waiting for us that way. 39 KB  
Angelholm Camp.jpgWe camped in a nice park by a creek. Old people were jogging by as we woke up. 80 KB  
Angelholm Student hitchhike.jpgA nice student picked us up... this was hanging from her rear view mirror. 35 KB  
Goeteborg.jpgAfter several more rides, an old man gave us each $120 to "help with our journey" and a nice young couple got us to the city of Göteborg. 69 KB  
Goeteborg tram.jpg 60 KB  
Goeteborg swimming pool.jpgFree public pool with Sauna and steam bath! 61 KB  
Goeteborg tram Stannar.jpgSign in the tram. 47 KB  
Goeteborg.jpg 83 KB  
Goeteborg.jpg 67 KB  
Goeteborg Bunny.jpg 95 KB  
Goeteborg.jpg 50 KB  
Goeteborg chinese ship.jpg 68 KB  
JC Hitchhike.jpg 33 KB  
Amanita.jpg 98 KB  
JC Nina.jpg 80 KB  
Koksluchor.jpg 60 KB