Crossing into Denmark.jpgwe got a ride fairly quickly and after a couple more, were driven onto a Danish ferry by a nice man. 74 KB  
Ferry to Denmark.jpg 74 KB  
Lego.jpg 55 KB  
Copenhagen.jpg 63 KB  
Train to Copenhagen.jpgWe slept in a field and after our morning coffee we hit the road aiming towards Copenhagen (København). We eventually got a few rides, but got stuck in the afternoon. 64 KB  
Kopenhagen Train Station.jpgended up taking the train the last portion to Copenhagen and arrived by night. 80 KB  
Copenhagen.jpg 84 KB  
Welcome to Christiania.jpgWe camped in the free-state of "Christiania". A portion of Copenhagen was reclaimed by idealists and the have managed to hold onto a fair amount of independence since the 1970's. 72 KB  
Christiania graffiti.jpg 61 KB  
Christiania-Manefiskeren Cafe.jpg 80 KB  
Christiania Snail.jpg 85 KB  
You are now entering the E.U..jpgThe gate as seen while leaving Christiania. 66 KB  
Copenhagen tower.jpg 72 KB  
Copenhagen dog.jpg 79 KB  
Copenhagen.jpg 23 KB  
Copenhagen.jpg 49 KB  
Copenhagen Nina.jpgwe should sell this photo to STA travel... 88 KB  
Copenhagen tower.jpg 41 KB  
We got style, we got class, we got bananas up our ass.jpgSome sticker in a wall. 81 KB  
Copenhagen.jpg 57 KB  
Copenhagen Nina.jpg 76 KB  
Copenhagen.jpg 88 KB  
Copenhagen.jpg 88 KB  
Copenhagen.jpg 57 KB  
Sticker.jpg 30 KB  
Copenhagen Jonathan.jpg 72 KB  
Copenhagen.jpg 79 KB