Ticino_Nina and Miach.jpgNina and our friend Miach. We stayed at Miach's family's place "Casa Gialla" (c, Tichino). 83 KB  
Ticino_Giornico.jpgA photo of Giornico from the mountains behind 02_Ticino_Giornico.jpg. 45 KB  
Ticino_Tree House.jpgAn awesome tree house we came upon while walking. 96 KB  
Ticino_Tree House.jpgMiach crawling into the little door built into the stump. 84 KB  
Ticino_Tree House.jpgView up from the center of the tree. Amazingly the tree was still living! 34 KB  
Ticino_Tree House.jpgNina and Miach in the tree. 42 KB  
Ticino_Nina and Miach.jpg 47 KB  
Ticino_Church.jpg 61 KB  
Ticino_Church.jpg 34 KB  
Ticino_Mountains.jpg 53 KB  
Ticino_Mountains.jpgGiornico church. 57 KB  
Ticino_Celtic Church.jpgThe empty church had interesting animal carvings - rabbits, rams, etc. 50 KB