Laax_Falera.jpgFlims / Laax / Falera ski villages. 30 KB  
Laax_Falera.jpg 53 KB  
Laax_Ski_Mountains.jpg 58 KB  
Laax_Ski_Mountains.jpg 82 KB  
Laax_Ski_JC.jpg 55 KB  
Laax_Ski_Heather.jpgHeather from Homer, Alaska. A fellow student in the "Migros Klub Schule" Deutsch Kurz. 74 KB  
Laax_Ski_Mountains.jpg 63 KB  
Laax_Ski_Mountains.jpg 73 KB  
David_Sara.jpgDavid from Columbia and our roommate Sara (the dancer) in the background. 42 KB  
Nina Tim Jonathan Pipo.jpg 74 KB  
Lucas Nina Eric.jpgNina with her Brother and father for Christmas. 55 KB  
Panettone Desert.jpgWe ate a delicious Panettone -- an italian Christmas-bread-pudding-cake-thing. 81 KB  
Psychedelic Christmas Tree_Nina Stefi Joey.jpgYou have to use your imagination -- its on the right. 66 KB  
Sunikon_Nina.jpg 53 KB  
Sunikon_Ice Berries.jpg 86 KB  
Sunikon_Ice Tree.jpg 50 KB  
Sunikon_Ice Trees.jpg 68 KB  
Sunikon_Ice Tree.jpg 69 KB  
Sunikon_Ice Tree.jpg 53 KB  
Sunikon_Our House Zwergenburg.jpgOur house known as "Zwergenburg" (Dwarf Castle) due to its history as a refuge for vertically-challenged young adults. There are now several giants who have taken refuge here as well, (like myself), but the name remains. 67 KB  
Sunikon Hinterdorf.jpg 85 KB  
Sunikon Swans.jpg 62 KB  
Sunikon Cat.jpg 76 KB  
Sunikon Herr Huber.jpgAn older man here in the village. 41 KB  
Sunikon_Ice Trees.jpgForrested hill behind our house. 95 KB  
Sunikon_Ice Trees.jpgForrested hill behind our house. 78 KB  
Sunikon_Ice Trees.jpgForrested hill behind our house. 87 KB  
Sunikon Snow.jpg 51 KB  
Sunikon Snow Kids.jpg 58 KB