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Edirne.JPGFirst Turkish town across the border from Greece. 67 KB  
Hotel Manti.JPGEating lunch with a group of lonely men at the hotel. 77 KB  
Kiler Maximum.JPGNice name for a grocery store, eh? 45 KB  
Tree.JPGCycling on, I made it another 50km through the burning heat. Camped for the night under this tree. 36 KB  
Old Men Drinking Tea.JPG 101 KB  
Babaeski Lunch.JPGIn Babaeski I met this garlic merchant. Super nice guy, invited me to a beautiful, fresh lunch and later tea. 71 KB  
More Chai.JPGEverywhere I went, kind, older men invited me to tea. 83 KB  
Heat Waves.JPGIt was amazingly hot... was concerned my cheap Chinese tires would melt. 44 KB  
Muratli Bicycle Help.JPGin Muratli, I got yet another flat tire just before sundown. This group of guys rushed from a cafe to repair my tire, tune up the bike, feed me delicious home-made vegetarian dolmas and of course ask me what the hell I was doing there. 51 KB  
Kids Near Corlu.JPGA tiny village just before Çorlu. 42 KB  
Kids Near Corlu.JPGJust over half way to İstanbul. 35 KB  
Sunset.JPGEash evening I would pull over, unhook my gear and cook my dinner based on the food I had gathered that day. Often bread, tomatoes, olives, fresh cheese (Peynir in Türkçe) and any leftover food. 18 KB  
Melon Man.JPGThis guy was on the side of the dusty, burning hot road selling melons. He offered me a slice of honeydew melon which I gladly accepted. Then he proceeded to cut another and another slice until I had eaten a whole melon! Refreshing at first, but it was not easy cycling on in the heat with that much fruit in my belly. 55 KB  
Outside Istanbul.JPGSlightly horrific outskirts of Istanbul. With no place to camp for the last 70km, and only hot, crowded, debris-covered freeways, riding my bike alongside insane truckers, -- it was very dangerous. I survived, but I will never again attempt such a ride. 37 KB  
Istanbul City.JPGMore modern than I expected. 48 KB  
Istanbul Sunset.JPGI was glad to be alive and overwhelmed by the beauty of the city. 18 KB  
Istanbul Beyoglu.JPG 54 KB  
Suleymaniye Camii.JPG(Süleymaniye Camii) One of the greatest mosques in Istanbul. 54 KB  
Istanbul Shooting.JPG 36 KB  
Dolma Kisir Patlican Salatasi.JPGTurkish food (Türk yemek): Stuffed pepper (Biber Dolması), wheat bulgur salad (Kısır), roasted eggplant salad (Patlıcan Salatası) and yogurt sauce (Yoğurtlu Sos). 67 KB  
Misir Carsisi Spices.JPGMısır Çarşısı Spice market in Istanbul. 108 KB  
AyaSofya.jpgAyasofya Müzesi (Αγιά Σοφιά / Hagia Sophia). 89 KB  
AyaSofya.jpgAyasofya Müzesi (Αγιά Σοφιά / Hagia Sophia). 65 KB  
Suleymaniye Camil Sunset.JPG 25 KB  
Galata.jpgA view of Galata. Located in the district of Beyoğlu - the old Byzantine capital. 34 KB  
Istanbul.jpg 20 KB  
Mehmet.jpgA wonderful man I met at a local vegetable shop. Mehmet Boyraz opened my eyes to so many great things as we walked the city and talked. 59 KB  
Bosphorus.jpg 81 KB  
Bosphorus.jpg 42 KB  
Konya Students.jpgMehmet's brother suggested I go to Konya and stay with his friends from University. I accepted enthusiastically and in 1 hour was on a bus to an unknown place to meet unknown people. The students were extremly gracious and generous. Here we eat a typical breakfast of pommes frites, tomato, olives (Zeitan), feta, bread and lots of tea (cay)! 65 KB  
Konya Museum woodwork.jpgMuseum in Konya -- beautiful patterns. 96 KB  
Istanbul Market.jpg 77 KB  
American Style NATO.jpg 58 KB  
Istanbul Girl.jpgAn afternoon walking through the village-like streets outside the city center. 70 KB  
Istanbul Girls.jpgCute kids! 65 KB  
Istanbul.jpg 51 KB  
Istanbul Weld.jpgHardcore welder. 49 KB  
Istanbul park.jpgHorses free in the city park. 76 KB  
Istanbul Sheep.jpgHerding sheep in the city center. 38 KB  
Istanbul Boat cafe.jpg 61 KB  
Matt and roommate-restaurant-guy.jpgMy roommate Matt in the last week I was in Istanbul. Also another guy who worked at a local restaurant and one night moved into our hostel room as well :) 42 KB