Frankfurt.jpgI made my way out of Asia after 14 months on the road. Bangkok -> Kuwait -> Frankfurt, Germany. Had a little time to kill so I went wandering around the city. 51 KB  
Frankfurt.jpgSo many subtle little things grabbed my attention. Everyone was in black, the architecture was totally new and all the noises seemed to be muffled. I felt like everyone and everything around me was whispering... 60 KB  
ICE_Train.jpgEven the trains blew me away... the only sound was that of whispers or crinkling newspaper. Nina met me in Basel on the German / Swiss border and we continued to Z├╝rich together. 50 KB  
Zurich Mountains.jpgAcross Lake Z├╝rich one could see the Alps. 27 KB  
Steinmaur.jpgNina lives with 6 other roommates in a town called Steinmaur (just outside Z├╝rich). They had a "Snow White and the 7 dwarfs" theme party my first day there. Had a good time wandering through these fields. 32 KB  
Steinmaur.jpgOld town overlooking Steinmaur just above their house. 40 KB  
JC_Clocktower.jpgSt. Peter - Largest clock in Europe. 45 KB  
Luzern.jpgNina and I took a day trip to Luzern. As usual we just wandered a bit, missed all the tourist attractions and had some tasty falafels. A perfect day. 46 KB  
Luzern_Nina.jpgNina took me on a tour of the Luzern graffiti underworld. 49 KB  
Luzern_Traffic_Light.jpgNote the shadow... 67 KB  
Mehr Kase furs Geld.jpg"More cheese for your money" -- an effective ad in Switzerland. 44 KB  
Chateau Gutsch.jpg 42 KB  
Lake Luzern.jpg 41 KB  
Birds.jpg 31 KB  
Zurich_Herzbaracke.jpgWent to see an exciting folk band named Hudaki. Nina had met them while traveling through Ukraine. The show was in a tiny floating boat-restaurant-club with the perfect gypsy-caravan vibe. 40 KB  
Party.jpgWent to a warehouse party with Nina and her roommates. 55 KB  
Party.jpgSinger rockin' out. 53 KB  
Alps.jpgAn overnight trip up to the mountains. Once again, we mainly "observed from a distance", but it was spectacular nevertheless! 35 KB  
Alps.jpg 47 KB  
Fondue.jpgFinally after nearly 2 weeks we got together a fondue party (coincidentally Thanksgiving holiday). It was a spectacular mess of wine, schnapps, cheese and fun! 75 KB  
Nina Joey Tim.jpgChillin on the couch trying to digest the cheese. 44 KB  
Miach Joey.jpgMiach and I went for a second pot of cheese, Joey joined us -- I laughed harder than I can remember as the cheese was getting caught in the chandelier and the "cheesy" jokes were flowing. 58 KB  
Devil Angel.jpgYet another party... Nina and Tim as Devil + Angel. 59 KB  
Miach Nina.jpgOn our way to the party at Mathias' place. 39 KB  
Miach.jpgMiach, dressed as grandma gettin down. 51 KB  
Acting.jpgWe ended up filming a movie on the way to the party... a version of "Little Red Riding Hood". I was the wolf and got to eat grandma. 42 KB  
Nina and Friends.jpgNina with friends in the background. 74 KB  
Nina Flaming Poi.jpgNina gave us a quick show as we left the party. 43 KB  
Moon.jpgRomance was in the air... 24 KB  
Nina-Jonathan.jpgOur last moments together in Basel... 67 KB