Kek_Lok_Si.jpgI arrived in Georgetown (on the island of Penang, Malaysia) via hydrofoil from Medan, Sumatra. While in this wonderful town, I went to see the temple of Kek Lok Si. 26 KB  
Kek_Lok_Si.jpgKek Lok Si is a Chinese Buddhist temple, a huge complex! Was interesting for me because I have seen many Buddhist temples, but nothing in this style. 54 KB  
Kek_Lok_Si.jpgThe place was very colorful and grandiose. 34 KB  
View_of_Penang.jpgView of Penang... I hadn't been there for about 10 years and was surprised by how developed it had become. Still, the street food in little India was amazing! Best south Indian I have had outside of India! Banana leaf vegetarian meals, etc. which were not much more than they cost in India. 25 KB  
Kek_Lok_Si_Dragon.jpgDragon detail. 41 KB  
Kek_Lok_Si.jpgIncense and a big laughing Buddha. Was surprised to see the fat, laughing, Buddha statue. Everywhere else I have been he is usually thin, almost expressionless and effeminate! 47 KB  
Kek_Lok_Si.jpg 33 KB  
Model.jpgI think it was the most "unreal" looking street I had ever seen. 47 KB  
Padang_Besar.jpgFrom Georgetown, I got the (free) morning ferry across to Butterworth, then buses up to Padang Besar. Walked 1KM to the border and across to Thailand. Got a bus to Hat Yai (where I planned to sleep). But, upon arrival, for no particular reason, I just decided to go straight to the train station and see if there was a train to Bangkok. There was one waiting, so I jumped on and awoke in Bangkok the next day. The following day I read that 5 bombs had exploded in Hat Yai. 64 KB  
Pad_Thai.jpgMy first real meal in Bangkok Thailand... What else but Pad Thai! Have had to expand my Thai vocabulary to meet my vegetarian needs in this meat-hungry country. 59 KB  
Evelyn.jpgShe's not Thai! (though mistaken for it everywhere :), met Evelyn 3 months ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is a long-term traveler from the Philippines and now teaches English here at some elite school. We had a good time Exploring Bangkok together and eating continuously. I got to see where she lives -- the apocalyptic, yet stunning "Future Park" -- a mass of crowded, dirty concrete madness on the edge of Bangkok. Oh, turns out we share the same birthday! 53 KB  
Krazy_kidz.jpgInsane show at the "mall"... too bad you can't hear the music that goes with this pic - completely maddening, high pitched, spastic, plastic children screaming! 43 KB  
Military_Coup.jpgGot a military coup for my 30th birthday! (September 19th) 49 KB  
Soldier.jpgWasn't very serious though, kids playing on the tanks, tourists holding machine guns and taking photos with the soldiers... "No government - No problem" seemed to be the consensus. Honestly, people were happy to see the extremely corrupt PM Thaksin go. 47 KB  
Nina_Muller.jpgNina, (a friend from my previous trip to South East Asia) came through Bangkok. Even though we didn't get much time to hang out, was still really good to see her again and catch up! 50 KB