Pelni_Ship.jpgOn the 31st of August, I left Jakarta (Java) via Pelni ship. It was steamy, crowded, "Ekonomi" class for the next 45 hours to the city of Padang, on the island of Sumatra. I secured a sleeping mat and enjoyed the music, singing, laughter, bartering, luxury bathrooms, and took frequent trips up to the deck. 61 KB  
Flying_Fish.jpgSaw whole schools of them, dolphins too! 58 KB  
So_Happy_Together.jpgSome locals that slept opposite me. 55 KB  
Bathroom_Tar_Pit.jpgOh, so beautiful bathrooms -- none is complete without the "tar pit". After everywhere I have been you would think I was used to anything... 54 KB  
Palupuh_Jungle.jpgLanding in Padang, I took several Oplet (aka Bemo/public mini-van), and some buses to Bukittinggi, then a day trip to see the legendary Raffleesia flower. A local kid named KillFun led me through the jungle. 77 KB  
Raffleesia_Arnoldii_Flower.jpgThe flowers grow up to 1 meter (3 feet) wide and look like something from outer space! This one was recently discovered (they only last 4 or 5 days usually). 78 KB  
Danau_Toba.jpgLake Toba... one of the biggest in Asia -- very touristy, but beautiful. Was almost completely empty though due to the downturn in tourism. 27 KB  
Pulau_Samosir.jpgRented a motorbike and spent a day cruising around the larger island of Samosir. 18 KB  
Batak.jpgThe local population are known as "Batak". This is a local Batak girl in one of the traditional houses. 64 KB  
Batak_House.jpgAnother Batak-style house. 36 KB  
Girl.jpgJust a girl at a roadside shack that was selling magic mushrooms and coffee. 46 KB  
Pulau_Samosir.jpgBeautiful, lush green hills. 34 KB  
Ericson_Tomy.jpgWhile leaving lake Toba, I met a cool 22 year old law student named Ericson. He invited me to stay with his family in Medan. 64 KB  
Ericson_Jo.jpgEricson's friend Jo, (an English teacher) and the two of us went cruising the streets of Medan. Got to have T.S.T. (Teh Susu Talore) -- "Egg milk tea"! Sounds horrible, but was delicious -- like a thick, tea flavored ice cream shake. From Medan, I took a hydrofoil to Penang, Malaysia. 39 KB