Sunset.jpgAfter traveling with Chloe for a few weeks she took off and I started west across Bali. Narrowly foiling an attempted pick-pocket in a Denpasar Bemo (Ninja perception allowed me to grab his wrist as he was extracting my passport and money), I jumped out of the van and while collecting myself by the road, met a man who suggested "Build your powers... then go Tanah Lot". So I went. 23 KB  
Sunset.jpgTanah Lot is a Balinese Hindu temple on the south-west coast of Bali. Touristy, but still breathtaking. 25 KB  
Sunrise_Moon_Tidepool.jpgSunrise stroll before the hoards showed up. 32 KB  
Sunrise_Moon.jpg 29 KB  
Kite_Pagoda.jpgThe next day there was a huge kite festival in the rice fields nearby. Got to hang out with kids late into the night as they put the finishing touches on these huge kites. 29 KB  
Kite_Lizard.jpgHad a nice morning watching the kites and stuffed "Iron Maiden" demons built for the occasion, then took off farther west towards Java. 30 KB