Vada_Sambar.JPGVada is sort of a dense savory donut. Eaten with sambar (gravy/curry) on top. 37 KB  
Masala_Dosa.JPGMost famous south-indian dish. Huge, light, crispy crepe-type-thing full of spiced potato mixture, then folded. Serverd with rassam and coconut chutney. 40 KB  
Thali.JPGJust a nice thali. 38 KB  
Paratha.JPGFlakey paratha with sambar, some other curry and rassam (sort of a spicy soup). 40 KB  
Wunu-Meals.JPGThe best places still seem to use banana leaves instead of plates. I added the pieces of jackfruit in the bottom-right corner. This is a typical "meals" (yes, it must always be plural in order to be easily understood). Local Malayalam word is “wunu”. 41 KB  
Vanilla.JPGVanilla beans. 37 KB  
Pepper.JPGBlack pepper vine. The "exotic" red, green and white peppers are actually just the same plant. Black (from aging the skin), white (skin removed) and the green/red are just different stages of ripeness. 35 KB  
Cardimon.JPGCardimon blossom... the tasty seeds of this plant are often added to chai tea (amongst many other things). Fresh seeds taste great! 30 KB  
Curry.JPGThese small "curry" leaves are added fresh to many dishes in the south. 54 KB  
Cloves.JPGThey turn black and hard when dried. The leaves have a similar flavor and can be used for cooking. 40 KB  
Cocoa.JPGBasis for chocolate. Rather big seeds (5 inches!) 38 KB  
Tea_Storm.JPGTea plantation during an unexpected storm. 19 KB  
Tea_Sort.JPGChecking the quality of the days harvest. Ideally, only the sweet, young shoots are used from these old, stunted trees. 54 KB  
Tea_Picker.JPGThis woman was "volunteered" by her friends to be photographed. She (and I) thought it was pretty funny, she was laughing as her pickings of the day were weighed and sorted. 40 KB  
Tea_Hills.JPG 39 KB  
Tea_Trees.JPG 61 KB  
Cardimon.JPG 45 KB  
Bananna_Chips.JPGGuys in Kumily were making huge vats of banana chips. They used bananas that were similar to plantains (not so sweet, or soft, but easy to grate). They would grate 5 at a time and each shop seemed to have several hundred pounds of fresh chips! Not sure who was buying all this. 35 KB  
Pee_Pee.JPGThe best name in spices... 38 KB  
Jackfruit.JPGA jackfruit tree... really tasty, but labor intensive fruit, almost like eating thick, sweet, juicy rose petals! 58 KB