Jaisalmer_Train.jpgAfter a 20 hour train from Delhi, I was greeted by the most ridiculous sight upon my arrival in Jaisalmer. While I was taking this picture, the officers laughed and threatened the mob of anxious hotel touts as they inched towards me. 39 KB  
Holi.jpgI had planned on meting Nina, Tim and Daniel in Jaisalmer and due to a strange series of coincidences, we happened to end up at the same hotel! This is a photo of us after celebrating the "Holi" festival. It's a fairly crazy holiday in which colored pigments become a weapon and the whole population goes to war (or hides). It was actually a bit scary, had a small confrontation with a mob of drunk teenagers that got carried away. Still had some fun, but there was a serious edge I didn't like. 35 KB  
Safari.jpgThe four of us arranged a "Camel Safari" which began 50km from Jaisalmer and continued into the Thar desert for a 3 day loop. 39 KB  
Safari.jpgThis is JahMe, his father was a camel driver, but was unable to work. So this little boy was responsible for his father's camel and worked with the two adult camel guides. 40 KB  
Safari.jpg 30 KB  
Safari.jpgThese large beetles were all over the place, and they would bite! They were tricky, because they would never bite you while you were looking, but always when your back was turned -- I am totally serious! 31 KB  
Dunes.jpgWe made camp amongst the dunes the sun went down. 16 KB  
Nina_Dunes.jpgWe all had a great time just running around, rolling down the dunes and completely coating ourselves in sand. 34 KB  
JC_JahMe.jpgCheck out that close "desert" shave! 28 KB  
Sunset.jpgWe just sat on the dunes watching the sun go down. 26 KB  
Safari.jpg 13 KB  
Safari.jpg 37 KB  
JahMe.jpgJahMe riding on the back of Kareem's camel. 31 KB  
Nina.jpg 25 KB  
Safari.jpgThe guides brought us to this abandoned town in the middle of the desert. 32 KB  
Abandoned_City.jpgHad a good time just wandering around the old ruins. This is a view from the fort. Had to leave fairly quickly to avoid the late morning heat. 42 KB  
Tim.jpg 31 KB  
Nina_Camel.jpg 35 KB  
Jaisalmer_Fort.jpgWe returned to Jaisalmer after three days and my three companions had to immediately catch a bus south. I took a lonely walk around the fort; finally climbing over the backside wall (which made me feel much better : ). 32 KB  
Girl.jpgJust some random girl that insisted I take her picture. 31 KB  
Shrine.jpgHad a really nice time wandering around the fort, chatting with people, etc. Found this alter at the end of a dark alley. 29 KB  
Jodhpur.jpgI awoke the next morning to the sound of a train whistle at 5:15AM. I was sleeping on the roof of the hotel and quickly threw everything in my bag, ran to the station -- actually beat the train! 6 hours, two chais, and 3 chili pakoras later I was in the blue city of Jodhpur! 47 KB  
Jodhpur_Door.jpgA wander through the old city. 34 KB  
Mehrangarh_Fort.jpgHigh on a hill overlooking the town was the Mehrangarh Fort. 35 KB  
Girls.jpgWhile I was wandering around, I struck up a conversation with a boy who was peering down at me from his roof. I was invited up to get a better view, then upon seeing this, neighbors called out to me that their roof was higher and so I climbed up there till I was on the highest roof around! After a Nescafe with the family and some obligatory photos, I was back out again, completing my circuit of the fort. 29 KB  
Mehrangarh_Fort.jpg 38 KB  
Jaswant_Thada.jpgJust saw this one form far off. 40 KB  
Umaid_Bhavan_Palace.jpgThis one looked about 50 miles away, but was huge. 21 KB  
Stone_Cutter.jpgMy curiosity led me to hang out with these stone cutters for a while. A few minutes of my own clumsy chiseling just added to my appreciation of the beautiful precision and power the possessed. 29 KB  
Fort_Backside.jpgI walked completely around the entire fort. This is the no-mans land behind the fort. Finally found the legendary "back gate" into the fort which made the burning hot hike all worth it. 43 KB  
Boy.jpg 34 KB  
Cow.jpg 35 KB  
Setu_Fruit.jpgCool stuff! Imagine the most lush, huge clump of green grapes. Then imagine you could shrink it down to 1/10 its normal size. That is what Setu tastes and looks like! 40 KB  
Pichola_Lake_Palace.jpgFrom Jodhpur, it was a good bus ride down to Udaipur. Udaipur is a really nice old city with numerous palaces on and around various lakes. Really nice place to just chill and listen to the desert wind. 17 KB  
City_Palace.jpgThe main city palace... 1/3 of it is open to the public. Really beautiful stonework. 35 KB  
Mumbai.jpgIt was then a 14 hour bus ride all the way down to Mumbai (aka Bombay). I have only been here a few days, but this place feels very different than the rest of India. Like a tropical version of London or something. 38 KB  
Agent.jpgIt is also the home of Bollywood (Bombay + Hollywood) which cranks out more films than any place on earth. This is a casting agent that picked me up on the street and invited me to be an extra for 500 rupees. He showed up the next morning with his Motorcycle and sunglasses. 40 KB  
JC_Cricket.jpgI was an Australian cricket player in a commercial for Monster. Even though I and my other "teammates" didn't know a thing about the sport, we had a good time and faked it pretty well! 36 KB  
Chowpatty_Beach.jpgChowpatty Beach is right in the middle of town. It is full of families just chillin until late in the night. Really good atmosphere, kids playing in the cool breeze from the Arabian Sea. 26 KB  
Chowpatty_Dinner.jpgThe southern section of the beach has a number of food stalls where you can get Masala Dosa, Pau Baji, Kulfi & Faluda. You then sit and eat your food on a little mat under the palms. 38 KB  
Rides.jpgThere was a set of man-powered rides on the beach as well. These guys performed death-defying acrobatics, using their strength and weight to start and stop ferris wheels, rocking ships, etc. I met one guy and sat with him under the massive steel contraptions. Apparently his family has been doing this for 4 generations! 24 KB