SealdahBazar.jpgI arrived in Kolkata at about 6:00 am and wandered out of the station. My trusty compass led me west and after a plate of Poori Sabzee on a bustling street, I wandered into this market. 52 KB  
Potato.jpgRather than shying away, when people spotted me with the camera, an enthusiastic group fromed and they insisted that I start photographing their friends! This guy was a friend of one of the carrot sellers. For some reason all of the carrot sellers use blue lights on their veggies? 44 KB  
Coconut.jpgWandered on a kilometer or so, then came across this guy selling fresh coconut milk. Couldn't pass him up... 43 KB  
Tobbacco.jpgA few days later on my way over to the Howrah Bridge, I saw this guy just chopping his tobacco and he invited me to a tea. After the tea, a local showed me how to prepare the tobacco with limestone paste for chewing. I was offered a small pinch of the stuff (people are chewing it everywhere here) so I gave it a try. Bad Idea...
I made it about 1 block before I got a debilitating head rush that nearly made me pass out! I staggered to some steps and waited there for 20 minutes for the nicotine to clear from my system. Little kids made fun of me and men gave me sympathetic smiles as word spread about my predicament. "Indian Ganja!" one man exclaimed with a smile.
51 KB  
Hanuman.jpgThis boy was repainting a statue of Hanuman (monkey god) in front of me as I sat on the steps. 44 KB  
Robot.jpgOne evening, I took a walk into the dark area between a carnival and the old bus stand. Here I found mystics selling potions, tigers teeth, etc and doing palm readings by candle light. I also found this Robot that could predict your future through the attached headphones! He predicted mine perfectly! But it was in Hindi, so I didn't understand. 29 KB  
Conch.jpgA couple days ago I took a river boat north along the Hooghly river, then wandered around a while. I got to visit factory where workers made those cheap leather construction gloves seen all over the US. Later I wandered down an alley and found this workshop dedicated to cleaning Conch shells. Outside the shells were engraved with designs. 25 KB  
HooghlyRiver.jpgAh... and a beautiful sunset over the river as I went back south again. 20 KB