Delhi - I'm still alive

Hey everyone,
just wanted to send you a quick message to let you all know I finally made it to Delhi and am having a great time! My flight from SF was delayed 11 hours (ahhh, I love China Air...), but I finally made it off to Taipei. The flight was around 10 hours, but since I hadn't slept for a couple days, I just passed out the entire way.

In Taipei, I had a 7 hour layover, but found out that visa's were not necessary, so I just wandered out of the completely empty airport at 6:00 am (had to search out then wake up the customs official). Took a bus downtown, ate some fish omlet thing (Nee Bah?) in a park, and met a Malaysian business man that ended up insisting on getting me lunch. Finally made it back in time for my flight to Bangkok!

Coming back to Bangkok made me felt really good, just sort of sparked some memories (6 months in SF felt like a long time to be stationary). From Bangkok, I got a standby seat to Delhi and arrived at about 7:30PM. Was glad that they overlooked my one-way ticket (technically you need an onward flight to enter India).

So, here I am in Delhi! Staying in the Tibetan Colony (Majnu-Ka-Tilla) on the banks of the Yamuna river. Its not really Delhi, but its a nice place to chill out, get acclimatized and figure out what I am going to do next. Its really cool, all these narrow alleyways, Tibetan Buddhist monks, prayer wheels & chanting. I ate an aloo (potato) curry and poori (fried bread) and a glass of chai for breakfast in the central square-- right in front of the two main temples.

After so many years of wanting to come her, I am so excited to actually be here-- completly free to wander as far and long as I like.

Alright, this email already cost 4x the cost of breakfast!

Take care,


PS: If for ANY reason you would like to be taken off this mailing list, please let me know!