Airport Tuk Tuk.jpgI was a bit scared arriving in Delhi alone at 2:00am. Had heard of the scams, etc, but got in the auto-rickshaw and just went for it. 44 KB  
Woman with Poori.jpgWas staying in Majnu Ka Tila - a Tibetan Colony. In the morning would get Aloo curry and poori bread from this woman. 65 KB  
Yamuna Family.jpgYamuna river running through Delhi. One of the most polluted in the world. 48 KB  
Majnu Ka Tila.jpgThe calmer-than-delhi haven I used to get my bearings and set a course for my trip. 58 KB  
Old Delhi.jpg 57 KB  
Old Delhi boy.jpg 63 KB  
Old Delhi_ Jami Mosque.jpg 30 KB  
Old Delhi_ Jami Mosque Kids.jpg 46 KB  
Old Delhi Crowds.jpg 107 KB  
Old Delhi Crowds.jpg 68 KB  
Old Delhi Man.jpg 49 KB  
Old Delhi Crowds.jpg 92 KB  
Red Fort.jpg 45 KB  
Red Fort.jpg 53 KB  
Cannabis Inside New Delhi Train Station.jpgFound this growing in the Tourist Train ticket office in one of the world's largest train stations. 57 KB  
Salam Namaste Bollywood Movie.jpgWent to see this movie. 44 KB  
Chasing the monkey.jpgNepali hotel worker chasing The Monkey. 33 KB  
The Monkey.jpgThis is The Monkey (he escaped easily). 46 KB  
Yamuna Sunset.jpg 17 KB  
Boys Truck-1.jpg 63 KB  
New Delhi Train Station schedule.jpgThey ran out of light board, so continued below in chalk. 63 KB  
Train Station.jpg 58 KB