60s-Chicks.jpg 42 KB  
Cheer_Leader.jpg 32 KB  
red.jpg 38 KB  
fairy.jpg 35 KB  
Bunny_Love.jpg 52 KB  
Evey.jpg 46 KB  
Cops.jpgCops came to bust the tail end of an anti-war protest that was going on at the same time. 52 KB  
Cowgirl_Sausage.jpg 58 KB  
Dancing_Three.jpgDancers on a float. 26 KB  
Dancing_Three.jpg 25 KB  
DJ.jpg 44 KB  
Eeyore.jpg 25 KB  
Nasty_Stewardesses.jpg"You calling us sluts?" she said while biting her finger and lifting her skirt... 51 KB  
Hair_Dance.jpg 39 KB  
HairDance_Jeans.jpg 53 KB  
Painted.jpgLiquid Latex "Clothes" 65 KB  
Painted.jpgLiquid Lingerie 54 KB  
Painted.jpgLiquid Lingerie 40 KB  
Paraplegic_LapDance.jpgGiving to the less fortunate... 45 KB  
Paraplegic_LapDance.jpgAnd her friend... 58 KB  
Power_Walker.jpg 41 KB  
white.jpg 45 KB  
FlameThrower.jpgPretty exciting flame thrower (aimed directly at city hall) finished off the night. 29 KB