Grayhound.jpgMy Bus in the Burger King parking lot. 44 KB  
Sonia.jpgSonia the night I arrived. 33 KB  
Downtown.jpgJC On the roof, downtown LA in the background. 45 KB  
Stomper.jpgThe owner got pissed because I was taking pictures of his truck. 57 KB  
Master--Baiter.jpg 39 KB  
JP_Michaele.jpgLunch with Johann and Michaele my first day there. 38 KB  
Huevos_Spam_Cheros.jpg 29 KB  
Muffler_Man.jpg 41 KB  
Happy_Tire.jpg 46 KB  
Wall.jpg 49 KB  
Johann.jpgJohann on his street. 84 KB  
Jesus.jpg 79 KB  
Minnie.jpgDisco Minnie Graffiti 24 KB  
Ultra_Van.jpg12 year old fantasy made reality. 63 KB  
War_Driving.jpgStealing WIFI from unsuspecting neighbors in Echo Park. 39 KB  
Erica.jpg 39 KB  
Michaele.jpg 33 KB  
JC_Erica.jpgI think it was Los Feliz? 27 KB  
Spaghetti_Western_Picnic.jpgPicnic and FREE showing of "For a Few Dollars More". Lots of fun! 46 KB  
Ninja_Robot_Repair_Factory.jpg 38 KB  
Erica.jpg 47 KB  
JP_Michaele_Sonias_Roof.jpg 41 KB  
Cozy_And_Friends.jpg 35 KB  
Sonia.jpg 25 KB  
Rocking_Neighbors.jpgFamous rock stars that live next to Sonia. 41 KB  
Michaele_Johann.jpgLabor day BBQ on the roof. 45 KB  
Sunset.jpgYou can really feel the end of the world coming here. 47 KB  
Jonathan.jpg 29 KB  
JC_Sonias_Feet.jpg 25 KB  
Sonia_Erica.jpg 50 KB  
Sunset.jpg 37 KB  
Spider.jpgThis was sitting next to us in the dark. 30 KB  
Sonia_Kissing_Erica.jpg 32 KB  
Bobs_Big_Boy.jpgBREAKFAST! 24 KB  
Hairy_Knuckles.jpgThe driver of my airport shuttle was showing off. 34 KB  
Seattle_Pike_Place_Fish_Market.jpgFirst day in Seattle. 47 KB  
Lunch.jpgSeafood lunch here. 33 KB  
Underground.jpgAll tours are cheezy, but it was still fun. Had a guide that was totally nuts (in a good way). 45 KB  
Space_Needle.jpg 38 KB  
Dead_End_Nuclear.jpgJust before Springfield, Oregon. 27 KB  
Portland.jpgCrazy clouds... 36 KB  
Coast.jpg 31 KB  
Coast.jpg 32 KB  
Coast.jpg 29 KB  
Dillon_Andrea_Coast.jpg 27 KB  
Andrea.jpg 56 KB  
George_Golf.jpgIntense competition in Black Point... 83 KB  
Hobo_Heaven.jpgInside the famous trailer. 60 KB  
Dillon.jpg 52 KB  
Bed_Time.jpgAren't we cute? 27 KB