Mountains.jpgOn my way down to Vientiene, I stopped in Vang Vieng. It is famous (INfamous?) as a backpacker ghetto, the "Khaosan Road" of Laos where the crusty people come to party. But it is also a nice little town surrounded by dramatic mountains! 23 KB  
Mountains.jpgI rented a bike and took a cruise out of town. 22 KB  
Mountains.jpgAh yes, probably too many mountain pics, but just skip over them if you have had enough. 17 KB  
Kids_Corn.jpgMore of those cute little critters. Found these kids playing with corn as though it was a toy. 35 KB  
Mountains.jpgSee that pointy one in the middle? That is the one I decided to climb in my Tevas. 23 KB  
Bike.jpgI rode the mountain bike into the bushes for a while, then parked it and locked it to a piece of bamboo. 30 KB  
Mountains.jpg 12 KB  
HMong.jpgTook a hike up this small, but steep mountain and ran into some H'Mong villagers that were crouched down in the green foliage just talking and enjoying the view I guess. This old guy spoke French (sort of) so we shared a few words (because that is all I know!). He showed me how to reach the peak. 48 KB  
Girls.jpgThey were wandering around collecting things to eat. They stopped to check out the Farang that was resting in the bamboo shelter. 41 KB  
Girls.jpgThe girls kept looking back and laughing as they walked away. They thought I was just the funniest thing ever! 40 KB  
Boys.jpgThere was a simple drink stand on the way back. Stopped for a Pepsi (that was all they had). The kids got excited over my plastic water bottle "toy". Had to turn it into 3 toys to keep the jealousy in check. 32 KB  
Car_Wash.jpgThey just drive it in the river! 43 KB  
Sunset.jpg 11 KB  
Laap_Muu.jpgLove that Laap! This one was particularly good. This was the last Beer Lao I drank... Actually the last beer I drank period (3 weeks ago) as I was preparing for the Vipassana meditation course in Thailand. 36 KB  
Water_Mellon.jpgThe watermelon farmer drove into town and started a furry of excitement. Everyone came out to say hello, tap on melons and see each other. The restaurant owners slices up a few and gave me much more than I could eat. 36 KB