Udomxai_Kids.jpgWandering through the cold dreary town of Udom Xai I found these kids ninja climbing this slanted wall. I was bored and had just been watching a Chinese kung fu movie with a shopkeeper so I rushed over to join em. It was rough, but I too finally made it up the wall. 21 KB  
Udomxai_Luasay_Resturant.jpgPretty much describes the food in Udom Xai -- Lousy. 19 KB  
Bus.jpgThe bus west to Luang Nam Tha was packed to the rim, but there was so many people it actually felt quite cozy. One guy was leaning on my shoulder and another was using my legs as a back rest. Only downside was when the locals started throwing up. What is up with that? Lao people seem have an exceptionally difficult time with car sickness. 22 KB  
Luang_Nam_Tha_Slaughter.jpgThis was a particularly gruesome scene in an abandoned looking lot. Pigs were just being violently killed on the ground while squealing. This little girl was just watching calmly. 49 KB  
Luang_Nam_Tha_Michaele_Jackson.jpgEven Michael Jackson can get girls at this bar! 41 KB  
Luang_Nam_Tha_TP_Shoes.jpgThe latest toilet-action Rebocks. 52 KB  
Luang_Nam_Tha_Rice.jpgTook a bike ride out of the town into the beautiful glowing green rice fields. Met a boy from a local H'Mong tribe, he and I rode and talked a while. 14 KB  
Luang_Nam_Tha_Motorbike_Couple.jpgPulled over to wander through the maze of paths between the fields. Took this pic from the side of the road. 12 KB  
Luang_Nam_Tha_Fried_Bananna.jpgThese old women would sell their wares by candle light on the edge of town. Most had just one thing like a couple dozen tiny BBQ bananas for example. 18 KB