_Speedboat.jpgNo, my hair is not greased down - I am traveling around 70KM / hour in a tiny speedboat. Although I really didn't want to support the loud/dangerous speedboat business, it turned out that the only way I could get up river this particular day was to tag along on this chartered boat. It was pretty fun though. 23 KB  
Main_Street.jpg"Main Street" in Muang Ngoi Neua. Kids sold papaya salad the same way American kids sell lemonade. They pick the papayas from the trees then make the salads for whoever is passing by. 38 KB  
Lao_Lao.jpgFound an old man distilling Lao Lao (moonshine from rice wine). 34 KB  
Mountains.jpgYou'll be seeing a lot of photos of the mountains here. i just wandered out of the village and found this great scenery! 25 KB  
Mountains.jpg 31 KB  
Karate_Kids.jpgThese kids were out fishing for whatever they could find. They found me and we played for a while, showing each other our ninja moves. 24 KB  
JC_Mountains.jpg 23 KB  
Furry.jpg 29 KB  
Cave.jpgMet up with some people and took a hike to this cave. It was full of water and all of our flashlights were crappy so we didn't make it too far in (maybe 100 meters?). Apparently you could swim really far to a cavern in the middle of the mountain. 71 KB  
Cave.jpgFound this in another cave, 47 KB  
Mountains.jpgPast the cave was this little village that was having some kind of festival. I think we came too early (or late?). After that we wandered on using a terrible hand drawn map. 32 KB  
Mountains.jpg 20 KB  
Village.jpgAfter another hour or so we reached this village. We had a few coconuts, talked to some of the villagers with some terrible Lao and hand gestures. 50 KB  
Eat.jpgFound this bug. 32 KB  
Nong_Kiew_Kids.jpgWent back down to Nong Kiew. Went in search of the caves outside of town and eventually found these kids who showed us the way. 47 KB  
Raunaq_Going_To_Cave.jpgI had met an Australian guy named Raunaq (wearing white) who was in search of the caves. The kids showed us how to get there - straight into the bushes, through a creek and up a muddy hill. 57 KB  
Raunaq_Going_To_Cave.jpg 28 KB  
Going_To_Cave.jpgFelt like "Lord Of The Flies" or something. 67 KB  
Mountains.jpg 31 KB  
Cave.jpg 28 KB  
Spider.jpgFound this huge spider (About 6 inches across). 12 KB  
Cave_Raunaq.jpgApparently much of the Lao government was setup in these caves during the war. 22 KB  
Mountains.jpg 30 KB