River.jpgView from the 8 hour boat ride north along the Nam Ou river to Nong Kiew. 18 KB  
Monkey_King.jpgThis was our boat driver on the way up. Some people had terrible stories about running out of gas, not having any food for 10 hours, etc, but I had a great time, (probably because I was warned?). We did have to get out and push the boat through shallow water at one point, but that was just fun. 22 KB  
River.jpg 19 KB  
Sunset.jpgOne of the many great sunsets in Nong Kiew. 14 KB  
Fireworks.jpgWandered around the town and found these little kids shooting off firecrackers. 15 KB  
Night.jpgJust a photo I took in the village where many people still live in bamboo huts. 17 KB  
Nam_Ou_River.jpgThe next three pics were taken from the same bridge over the river -- it was beautiful! I walked down into this area you see here, past the women washing laundry and took a swim with the kids and fishermen. Just had to watch out for the tourist boats that would float through every few hours. 23 KB  
Nam_Ou_River.jpg 14 KB  
Mountain.jpg 28 KB  
Sunset.jpgWatched the sun set from Sunset guest house. 18 KB  
Playboy.jpgShe is very un-photogenic, but the funny part was her T-shirt! "U.S.A. Playboy happy in... San Francisco"! I think that many Lao people mistook the bunny for a children's cartoon character. 31 KB  
Sunrise.jpgSuccesfull traveling in Laos means getting up before the sun... So I saw a lot of sunrises. 8 KB