Gun.jpgDuring the bus ride from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, I casually looked down at my feet to find this. Apparently a soldier was asleep in the seat in front of mine. I guess there had been some problems with H'Mong rebels on this route in the past. 28 KB  
Mountains.jpgI saw spectacular mountains everywhere in Laos. This was the beginning. 16 KB  
Mekong_Sunset.jpgGot to Luang Prabang just in time to catch the sunset as I was looking for a guest house. 18 KB  
Phousi_Massage.jpgYes, it is pronounced the way you think... 39 KB  
Wat.jpg 47 KB  
JC_Wat.jpgBuddhist inspired hairdo. 23 KB  
JC_Mountains.jpgA view from the opposite side of town. 17 KB  
Phousi_Hill.jpg 56 KB