Vietnam_Laos.jpgCrossing the border between Cau Treo (Vietnam) and Kaew Neua (Laos). We arrived about 5:00 am and had to walk across. My Vietnamese visa was 1 day overdue and I lost my customs card, but luckily they were collecting $1 "special overtime fee" from the tourists, so nobody cared about my paperwork. It worked out great because I was expecting to pay a hefty bribe or something. 23 KB  
Laos_Welcome.jpgJust seemed to symbolize the difference between Laos and Vietnam. This sign was for people going to Vietnam. "Good luck! (You're going to need it!)" 43 KB  
Bus.jpgEveryone staring out the window to see if we were going to crash or drive off a cliff. 34 KB  
Laos.jpgBeautiful scenery the whole way! 24 KB  
Laos.jpgAnd it instantly got hot! 42 KB  
Laos.jpg 31 KB  
Vientiane.jpgMy first meal in Vientiane, Laos. Had a spicy noodle salad (kind of like Thai Som Tam). It was great! This girl (14???) was just chillin while her brothers and sisters (of about 9) made their own salads. 44 KB  
Vientiane.jpgThese kids were throwing sliding their sandals and betting on who would get closest to a ball they threw. Boules (with betting) for kids? 24 KB  
Sandwich.jpgVietnamese sandwiches are great. 53 KB  
Sandwich.jpgCoffee is the best I've had in Asia as well! Oh, the beer (Bia Lao) is great as well! 24 KB  
Pan_Scene.jpgIncorrect spelling, but good food! Grilled buffalo skewers with noodles all wrapped in lettuce and mint, then dipped in the sauce. Some kids at this food stall shared their Lao Lao (rice whisky) with me. 45 KB  
Kip.jpgThe largest bill here is worth only $2!!! So, hen cashing a $100 travelers check, you get a huge wad of cash. Even the beggars carry a stack that is about half an inch thick. 41 KB  
Thumbs_Up.jpgJust liked the posters on this truck. 54 KB  
Wat_Wat_Sok.jpgLike the style of architecture used for the Lao Buddhist wats. 40 KB  
Mekong.jpgThe Mekong is a bit dry this time of year. Actually felt more like a desert than a river here in Vientiane. 26 KB  
Jumbo.jpgLao Tuk Tuk... 35 KB  
Soi.jpgThis was a girl that sold noodle soup near my guest house. We got to talking and ended up going out with her sister and her sister's friend. It was pretty funny, saw a Filipino cover band that played lots of Santana. I felt like the chaperon for a bunch of kids even though Soi was older than me! 26 KB