Sheets.jpgThe print on my sheets read "control technolog with more in ame all loses me aning in the first place" and denim DiCaprio - how cool is that! 42 KB  
Kids.jpgEnthusiastic kids. They like to yell "hello!" at tourists and squeel with delight when we respond every time with the same word. Even adults here sometimes use the term Hello as a noun to mean "western tourist". Sort of the Vietnamese equivalent of "Farang" (Thailand) and "Barang" (Cambodia). 36 KB  
Polyester.jpgCan't get enough of it. 40 KB  
Student.jpg 29 KB  
Ho_Chi_Minh.jpgA moment of camaraderie with aluminum Uncle Ho. 20 KB  
BGI.jpgHung out by the river and spoke English with students and old people. Apparently after the communists took over South Vietnam, anyone who was caught learning english went to jail or worse "re-education camps". 29 KB  
Sandwich_Girls.jpgHaving fun making those delicious sandwiches! 36 KB  
Flirt.jpgThis old lady asked for my number, when I said I didn't have one, she gave me hers and told me to come by her house later (it was 10:00PM!). 32 KB  
DrinkStand.jpgThis mother and daughter ran the juice stand we were sitting at. Very friendly women everywhere I go! 25 KB  
Market_Sunrise.jpgWoke up at 4:30AM and hired a small boat and driver for a few hours and went to see the floating market 6KM from Chao Doc. 24 KB  
Market_Washing.jpgLaundry in the river. 37 KB  
Market_Red.jpgToo much color for this time of the morning. 37 KB  
Market_Ca_Phe_Sua_Nom.jpgA shot of thick, fresh brewed coffee with plenty of condensed milk and a smile. 41 KB  
Market_Sunrise.jpgSun came up as we got to the market. 33 KB  
Market_Girl.jpgBusiness was slow... 39 KB  
Market.jpg 26 KB  
Market.jpg 31 KB  
Market_Pineapple.jpgSee that pineapple on a stick? That is how each boat advertises what produce they had, like a fruit-flag! 13 KB  
Market_Boy.jpg 42 KB  
Market.jpg 39 KB  
Market.jpg 29 KB  
Market_Bargan.jpg 40 KB  
Market_Boats.jpg 38 KB  
Market_Couple.jpg 16 KB  
Market_Water.jpg 35 KB  
Market_Pho.jpgThe skipper and I had steaming bowls of pho for breakfast from a floating kitchen. Something is happening to me... I actually crave noodle soup in the mornings 38 KB