ToulSleng.jpgPhotos form the infamous S-21 school-turned-prison where the Khmer Rouge tortured and murdered thousands of their fellow Khmer people. Its ironic that such a gruesome place (along with the "killingfields") have become the major tourist attractions of the area. 23 KB  
ToulSleng.jpgIt's weird that all this happened within my lifetime... I could still feel the horror of this place. 31 KB  
ChickenHead.jpgChicken heads in the market. 31 KB  
FishGirl.jpgBlocks of dried fish... We brought one of these to the orphanage. 49 KB  
LohCha.jpgLocals seemed to consider it to be sub-standard food (no meat), but I loved these vegetarian fried noodles with chili, sprouts, lime and a few other things. 37 KB  
CentralMarket.jpgCentral Market of Phnom Penh at sunset. 23 KB  
JC_Juice.jpgAnother Sugarcane juice... 35 KB  
Sunset_Market.jpgSmall market near the river. 22 KB  
kids.jpgKids waving to me... 23 KB  
Sunset_Market.jpgSmall market near the river. 40 KB  
No_Cross_Infection.jpgReassuring name for a clinic. 26 KB  
Nina_Chris.jpgNina (met her in Pai, Thailand went on the trek with her). She was supposed to be in Australia, but changed her plans and came to Cambodia instead. For no particular reason, I had just stopped in front of this internet cafe and was staring at the door when she walked out. It was weird. 31 KB  
JC_Moto.jpgBusting a move on the Moto going to the Orphanage. I didn't know anything about it, but Nina invited Chris and I to go. 21 KB  
Orphanage.jpgHung out with the kids, played kick-ball and lots of little games. Helped them with English and donated food and toys from the market. 32 KB  
Orphanage.jpgKids were cute, very happy to have visitors. But I, with my skeptical mind kept wondering if they were a little too enthusiastic? Later heard someone say that the Lighthouse Organization was only partially legitimate, most of the food, toothbrushes, etc were sold, money going to adults and that some of the kids might not have been orphans? Like so many things in Cambodia, the "truth" is very blurry. 34 KB  
Veasna_Yim.jpgVeasna is this great guy who runs a tiny sandwich & coffee shop near the lake. He is almost always in a good mood and has interesting things to talk about. As we were chillin, I got to ask him a lot of questions about his memory of the Khmer Rouge years and things since. 24 KB  
Nina.jpgNina in the Tuk Tuk going to the Russian market. 16 KB  
Soparoath_Yi.jpgSoparoath is a sweet girl that bakes cakes and bread to sell on the dirt road in front of her family's house. Everything was a bit overpriced, but she was so sweet nobody cared and it was obvious that the cake business was really helping the family. When I asked why she would wake up at 4:00 AM to start baking, she said with all seriousness - "People need their cakes". 27 KB  
Soparoath_Yi.jpgIt turned out that her brother has been studying web development in the USA and is now trying to find a work. I was invited in and treated to a delicious lunch, coffee and of course cakes. Helped Soparoath with English, she especially enjoyed reading a love letter thing I wrote to Erica because of all the big words. 31 KB  
Boeung_Kak_Lake.jpgThis lake was bright green in daylight (very polluted) but made for a beautiful sunset. 10 KB