Jeth_Deab.jpgI met this couple (Jethro and Deab) in Siem Reap as soon as I arrived. They were having dinner at a street stall and I asked how the food was. The next night they cooked me dinner and we went out again. 23 KB  
Jeth_Deab.jpgDeab was really funny! She treated that bar like it was her livingroom. The were both really cool people. 30 KB  
Jeth_Deab.jpgWe all went to this bar that gave you your first drink free. 35 KB  
Jeth_Deab.jpgJeth played pool to win drinks. They were both saving money so they could get married. Oh, this picture is funny because Jeth is about 4' tall and he is playing some huge 7' tall Australian. Jeth won. 18 KB  
TonleSapLake.jpgThis is Mooth (pronounced "Moat"), met him on the street, we talked a while and later I went to his English class with him. I did my best to help the students by introducing myself, asking questions, etc. Scary, but good! 37 KB  
TonleSapLake.jpgMooth and his friend Phea took me to see the far away temples on their scooter. It was a fun day, didn't see too many temples though. 28 KB  
TonleSapLake.jpgAfter the temples, we went to this lake, had some bright green soup that looked like slime, but tasted great. 9 KB  
TonleSapLake.jpg 18 KB  
TonleSapLake.jpgMmmm... roasted cockroach... 52 KB  
TonleSapLake.jpgAs the sun set, we chilled and watched some little kids play football. 27 KB  
TonleSapLake.jpg 36 KB  
TonleSapLake.jpg 17 KB  
PSA.jpg"We no longer need weapons", one of many billboards I saw meant to promote a more peacefull society. It is easy to forget how recently "The law of the gun" was the only law here. 53 KB  
black_polluted_river.jpgMore like flowing motor oil with trash than a stream. 42 KB  
bug_in_my_bed.jpgI woke up as I felt a bite on my neck. saw nothing, but when I liftem my pillow this thing crawled over my bed and hid under the matress. I found it though. 23 KB  
football_kids1.jpgMooth took me to this field where kids play football. Later that day we went to his English class. Sorry, pics are out of order. 58 KB  
football_kids2.jpg 57 KB  
siem_reap_central_market.jpg"Hamburger, Restaurant, Souvener, Clothes, Daily using tools" - Everything you could ever want! 45 KB  
tuk_umph.jpgCh'nang (Delicious!) surgarcane juice with a little citrus. 48 KB  
weapon_heroin.jpg"No Using Weapon And Heroin" - I suppose they want you to smoke crack if you are going to shoot your gun. This was a sign at the Tokyo guesthouse where I stayed. 27 KB