Sunrise.jpgSunrise over Battambang, smoke and fog covered the city as this hypnotic rhythm similar to wind chimes, bamboo flutes and chanting echoed across the city. Apparently the music was part of a death ritual which extends 100 days. 11 KB  
Gems.jpgSo much wealth just sitting in glass cases on the dusty streets. 53 KB  
Goldsmith.jpgHe had nothing but some pliers a big ball of wax and a homemade blowtorch, but was making beautiful jewelry! 43 KB  
Barber.jpgReally like all those hand-painted signs. 41 KB  
ManualFerrisWheel.jpgThis was so cool, these kids were having a great time on this "manual" ferris wheel. The only way to make the rusty contraption rotate was to push, pull or hang off the thing. At one point it had wood seats, but they were long gone. 46 KB  
Sign.jpgSo slick! 57 KB  
CartKids.jpgJust liked watching these kids play while mom and dad were working. 44 KB  
Icecream.jpgThis kid stood here like this for a long time, always looking like he was about to fall over. 33 KB  
MoneyChanger.jpgIt seems they treat money as though it is just another commodity, like vegetables. I guess this is what it is, but funny to see people openly accept that. 43 KB  
Welders.jpgIt was great watching these guys repair things I would normally consider unrepairable. Dad was excited to have a clueless visitor and gave me a small plastic seat to sit on. 38 KB  
LoadedTruck.jpgSimilar to the truck I arrived on. My truck had many more people and less motorbikes. 56 KB  
Snake.jpgNever ate this, but had roasted crispy snake (like bacon) in Siem Reap. Did try the grasshopper though, tasted like crunchy soy sauce. 66 KB  
BattambongNight.jpgThe empty streets of Battambang. This was the main street running through town, was like this by 10:30 each night. 13 KB  
BikeRide.jpgYa Yaley was some sort of part-time security guard at the main market in Battambang. We took a bike ride through the rice fields. 35 KB  
YaYaleyHouse.jpgYa Yaley showed me his parents home on the banks of the Tonle Sap (no electricity, plumbing or address even). Brothers, sisters and neighbors came out to see us. We had lunch with his neighbor. 48 KB  
Farmers.jpgRe-purposed military equipment is everywhere. 29 KB  
ShepherdKids.jpgKids were fishing in mud puddles and watching over cows in the field. 29 KB  
Antenna.jpgSaw this guy from the window in my room. 30 KB  
KidInHole.jpgThis little boy belongs on Koh Phangan! You can't quite see it, but he almost has a mohawk! 52 KB  
MotoDriver.jpg"Where you go sir?" 40 KB  
SnakeHeadFish.jpgI ate this thing, looked scary, but tasted great -- It's all about The Smoking Pot restaurant! (they should change the name though :) 44 KB  
TonleSap.jpgTook a small boat up the Tonlé Sap river to Siem Reap. 27 KB  
TonleSap.jpgThere were many beautiful scenes. 18 KB  
TonleSap.jpgThere was poverty as well for the people on the banks of this river. 42 KB  
TonleSap.jpgKids love to yell "Hello!", even though they often don't know what it means, it gets a good reaction. 55 KB  
TonleSap.jpgEven though the boats came through every day, (Khmer people and foreigners), the villagers often looked at us like we were from another planet. I guess in some ways we were. 35 KB  
TonleSap.jpgHouseboat. 49 KB  
TonleSap.jpgTraveling monk. 53 KB