MountainClimbing.jpgMy first "real" climb (outdoors and with a harness) in Railay on Christmas! 60 KB  
TheMountain.jpgThe mountain. 43 KB  
sky.jpgSunset. 34 KB  
Erica_Moon.jpgErica on our boat trip back to Krabi town. It was just us and the longtail boatman. 19 KB  
Ericas_Tattoo.jpgAs we were getting a ride back to town, she asked the climbing instructor where he got his tattoos. He said - "In the night market, I'll show you." And he did. Then she got her first tattoo. 41 KB  
Erica_Tattoo.jpgPhoto of the little shack where she got the tattoo. I sat outside and ate rambutan. 31 KB  
EricasTattoo-NightMarket.jpgThe night market as it was closing up. 37 KB  
Tattoo.jpgColoring hurt the most. 28 KB  
tattoo.jpgThe final tattoo late Christmas night. 36 KB