first_day_pickup.jpgThe first day Erica and I arrived in Koh Lanta. We are riding in the back of the pickup from the pier to Klong Nin beach. 50 KB  
bug.jpgA bug Erica found. 51 KB  
jc.jpgA photo the sunset and I in front of our beach bungalow - Addy Hut. 35 KB  
AddyHut.jpgErica trying to get herself a Thai boyfriend. 42 KB  
AddyHut.jpgPhoto from out hammock. 70 KB  
KohLanta.jpgTypical sunset. 28 KB  
caterpillar.jpgA caterpillar on my hand at the Last Beach. 62 KB  
EricaSerenadesMe.jpgErica singing her beautiful music. 76 KB  
RockinJC.jpgJonathan rockin out as usual. 68 KB  
Sunset_LastBeach.jpg 40 KB