Seydisfjordur.jpgWe arrived in テ行land before sunrise. 34 KB  
South East Iceland.jpgWe were able to meet a nice couple from the ship and get a ride across the entire country! 42 KB  
Nina and Jonathan.jpgWe took the southern road and got to stop many times at many of the amazing spots we passed. 73 KB  
South East Iceland melting hills.jpgIceland was covered with stunningly dynamic landscape. These volcanic valleys were the first we saw. 54 KB  
South East Iceland Mountains.jpg 31 KB  
South East Iceland Valley.jpg 47 KB  
South East Iceland.jpg 31 KB  
South East Iceland.jpg 67 KB  
South East Iceland Rainbow Coast.jpgCrystal clear rainbows were a common part of this enchanted country. 71 KB  
South East Iceland Road.jpg 70 KB  
South East Iceland Pyramid.jpg 30 KB  
Glacier Water.jpgA glacier covers 1/3 of Iceland. These are pictures of pieces breaking off into the ocean. 54 KB  
Glacier Water.jpg 58 KB  
Waterfall.jpg 55 KB  
Glorious Clouds.jpg 23 KB  
Hveragerdi Hike.jpgWe camped in the town of Hveragerテーi and took a beautiful hike into the mountains nearby. We found many hot springs and vowed to return. 69 KB  
Hveragerdi Hike.jpg 50 KB  
Hveragerdi Icelandic Pony.jpg 56 KB  
Hveragerdi Icelandic Pony.jpg 56 KB  
Hveragerdi Rainbow.jpg 91 KB  
Reykjavik Mural.jpgOne of many murals in the capitol. 84 KB  
Tecktonic Plates.jpg 53 KB  
Tecktonic Plates.jpg 87 KB  
Mathias france.jpgA long-term volunteer from the SEEDS volunteer program we participated in. 51 KB  
Light house.jpg 31 KB  
Coast.jpg 43 KB  
Coast JC.jpg 51 KB  
4wd Super Monster Truck.jpgThey love their monster trucks and hot dogs in Iceland :) 64 KB  
rust.jpgA pole in the NATO military base where our volunteer group was staying. 61 KB  
NATO base.jpg 48 KB  
Blue Lagoon.jpg 49 KB  
Gay Bar.jpg 50 KB  
SEEDS Volunteers and Rainbow.jpg 47 KB  
Ninas still life.jpg 57 KB  
Volcanic Crater.jpg 73 KB  
Lava.jpg 57 KB  
Volcanic Crater Guillermo.jpg 57 KB  
Anja Kyle and Song Hee.jpg 85 KB  
View.jpg 66 KB  
Red and Green hills.jpg 83 KB  
Stone Pile.jpg 69 KB  
Afternoon view across the valley.jpg 48 KB  
Volcanic Crater Jonathan.jpg 76 KB  
Gulfoss.jpg 64 KB  
Gulfoss.jpg 74 KB  
Blue Puddle.jpg 52 KB  
Geysir.jpgThe location of the original "geyser" in Haukadalur (from which others derived their name). 47 KB  
Thingvellir.jpgテ枴ngvellir - an enchanted valley and birthplace of Icelandic democracy in 930 AD. 87 KB  
Thingvellir.jpg 51 KB  
Thingvellir.jpg 35 KB  
Thingvellir.jpg 94 KB  
Thingvellir Nina Rainbow.jpg 93 KB  
Thingvellir Rainbow.jpg 79 KB  
Dead Dolphin.jpgA beached dolphin we tried to save, washed ashore the next day several miles down the coast. Is it a coincidence that there was a cemetery located exactly there on the coast? 68 KB  
Hveragerdi Hike 2.jpgWe returned to the mountains near Hveragerdi with Desmond from SEEDS. Spent the night up in a free forestry cabin and enjoyed the valley. 52 KB  
Hot River Nina.jpgHot-spring fed river... one could move up and down the river to find the desired temperature. Outside it was just above freezing. 59 KB  
Hot River.jpg 66 KB  
Nina Desmond.jpg 83 KB  
Hot Mud.jpg 38 KB  
Hot Steam Jonathan Nina.jpg 52 KB  
Waterfall.jpg 85 KB  
Valley.jpg 81 KB  
Sheep.jpg 68 KB  
First Snow.jpgOctober 1st it began snowing. 84 KB  
Baby Snow.jpgStaying with our hosts (Andrea and Unnar), we learned about an Icelandic tradition -- put the baby in the snow. See next picture for a better idea of the landscape there on the base. 93 KB  
NATO base.jpg 87 KB  
Holmavik Nina Hitchhike.jpgWe decided to head out into the unknown with what was to be a 3-day journey up to テ行afjテカrテーur in the Westfjords (Vestfirテーir) and a 2.5 week adventure. 68 KB  
Holmavik Hitchhike Jonathan.jpgIt was remote... real remote. 74 KB  
West Fjords.jpg 39 KB  
West Fjords.jpg 35 KB  
West Fjords.jpg 38 KB  
West Fjords.jpg 58 KB  
West Fjords.jpg 32 KB  
Isafjordur House.jpg 60 KB  
Isafjordur boat.jpg 50 KB  
Isafjordur Fridrik.jpgFridrik was a guitar teacher there in Isafjordur who graciously invited us to stay in his living room. We cooked each night and explored the nearby mountains and small villages. 81 KB  
Isafjordur Northern Lights.jpgMy first good glimpse of the aurora borealis. 22 KB  
Isafjordur Northern Lights.jpg 19 KB  
West Fjords.jpg 68 KB  
Sheep.jpg 94 KB  
West Fjords.jpg 54 KB  
Jonathan and Fridrik.jpg 62 KB  
West Fjords.jpg 47 KB  
Hundafoss-Photo-Collage.jpg 175 KB  
West Fjords.jpg 64 KB  
Hundafoss Mushrooms.jpg 64 KB  
Stykkisholmur Sunset.jpgWe continued traveling south from the westfjords south with a ferry to Snaefellsnes. 31 KB  
Stykkisholmur Sunset.jpg 28 KB  
Snaefellsnes Nina Moss.jpg 90 KB  
Snaefellsnes.jpg 31 KB  
Snaefellsnes.jpg 34 KB  
Snaefellsnes.jpgLittle, magical beings lived in these hills. 80 KB  
Snaefellsnes Mountain.jpg 72 KB  
Snaefellsnes.jpg 62 KB  
Songhellir Graffiti.jpg 74 KB  
Snaefellsnes Coast.jpgFor days we walked through this landscape... tried to hitchhike, but were rarely picked up. 39 KB  
Snaefellsnes Ogres.jpgOgres turned to stone because they were still out at sunrise. 66 KB  
Snaefellsnes Sunset Mountains.jpg 28 KB  
Snaefellsnes Guesthouse.jpg 78 KB  
Snaefellsnes Sunset.jpg 24 KB  
Snaefellsnes Coast.jpg 68 KB  
Snaefellsnes Horses.jpg 48 KB  
Snaefellsnes Nina Bridge.jpgI had Nina test it out to make sure it wouldn't break. 57 KB  
Snaefellsnes House.jpg 41 KB  
Snaefellsnes House.jpg 42 KB  
Snaefellsnes Glacier.jpg 38 KB  
Icelandic Pony.jpg 83 KB  
Snaefellsnes Pony.jpg 48 KB  
Snaefellsnes Glorious Sun through clouds.jpg 26 KB  
Snaefellsnes Moon over mountain.jpg 13 KB