Home_front.jpgView of the front of my house in the Mission district of San Francisco. 66 KB  
Home_Backyard.jpg 97 KB  
Home_cherry_blossom.jpgBeautiful cherry tree. 93 KB  
Home_deck.jpgCoffee time on the deck each morning made it all worth while. 86 KB  
Home_livingroom.jpg 56 KB  
SOMA.jpg 46 KB  
Godwaffle Noise Pancakes.jpgNoise show eash Sunday, went with David Lim. 41 KB  
Godwaffle Noise Pancakes.jpgThey play noise-music and serve tasty pancakes and waffles. 34 KB  
Windsor-Jason-Cuckolds.jpgJason Shiga and Windsor Schmidt busting a move at the Stork Club in Oakland, CA. 60 KB  
Macys Sonny Patrick.jpgSonny Day and Patrick Mims. 47 KB  
Macys Friends.jpgFrom left: Manju, Todd and Dave. 47 KB  
Critical mass.jpgCritical mass became the thing I looked forward to most each month. 63 KB  
Critical mass.jpg 71 KB  
Car Burning.jpgA random burning car on 26th street. Curious that no one was around for the first 15 minutes it was burning. 34 KB  
Kempton House.jpgThe house I grew up in... visited with Nina. 35 KB  
Roommates.jpgErin, Rania and Kate in the foreground. My lovely roommates... 34 KB