LAX.jpgFlying into Los Angeles from Europe... was amazed at the vast stretches of lights -- literally millions of them. 81 KB  
Cali_Salad.jpgGood old California Salads :) 95 KB  
Kathryn.jpgAn old / new friend that helped bring be back into touch with America (parties, donuts, paintings and tacos). 36 KB  
L.A. Metro.jpgThough many claim the L.A. Metro doesn't actually exist -- it does! 75 KB  
Freeway.jpgGlamorous and horrible... all at the same time. 65 KB  
Dana And Erica.jpgGood to see dana and Erica again. Dana, her son Sharif and boyfriend Lucien were out in LA visiting from New York. 87 KB  
Echo Park.jpgA walk as the sun set. 59 KB  
Sunset.jpgSilverlake neighborhood at sunset. 78 KB  
Gun Collection.jpgWelcome back to the U.S.A. -- Everything a kid could want. 56 KB  
Johann.jpgThe main reason I came to LA was for Johann's 30th birthday and to meet his daughter - Io Zara. 42 KB  
Michaele.jpgJohann's wife (Michaele) and Io. 56 KB  
San Francisco.jpgBack up to San Francisco after 14 months on the road... what an beautiful city. 59 KB  
Christmas Indian.jpgAn Indian food feast for Christmas (just like last year), I went up to see my father and step mother in Willits. (from left to right)
My father, Brenda (his friend), Julie (Andrea's mom), Diana (my step mother), Jeanie (my aunt), Andrea (Dillon's girlfriend), Dillon (my brother), Myself (the j-man), and finally, on the right is my other brother Nick.
80 KB  
Mushroom.jpgWe went mushroom hunting in the woods at my parent place. Got a few tasty ones. 63 KB