Tet.jpgTet New Year. Fireworks over Hoan Kiem Lake in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. 20 KB  
Tet.jpgAnh, Dung's (pronounced Zoong) sister. She was burning money as part of the Tet celebration. 23 KB  
Hanoi Dung.jpgA picture of Dung (pronounced Zoong) and I. Dung was a great woman, she ran a hotel and travel agency in Hanoi. I just met her while wandering around town and knew instantly that I could trust her. She invited me to join her and her family for Tet dinner and I ended up spending a lot of time with them. 22 KB  
Hanoi.jpgSmoking the bong... Its tobacco, really. All the old men love to toke these bamboo bongs on the street so I and John (see next caption) joined them. 28 KB  
Hanoi John.jpgPic of John Eames and I. He was another American (first one I met in Vietnam) and also from the Bay Area originally. He reminded me of so many people in my life. We had Tet dinner together, then ended up staying at the same hotel a day later. Before he took off (to continue his solo bike ride up to China) we had a good night on the town, Bia Hoi and some good talks! 25 KB  
Hanoi.jpgJC at Hoan Kiem Lake. Another foggy day in Hanoi. 11 KB  
Hanoi.jpgSame Same... 38 KB  
Huyen.jpgThe girl that swindled me out of my camera. 40 KB  
Bich-Hong.jpgThe beautiful woman that got my camera back. 23 KB  
Bich_Huyen.jpgA different girl named Huyen (left) and Bich from Dung's hotel (right). 25 KB